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Announcing: Auditorium Duet!

We’ve been dropping hints like breadcrumbs for weeks, and it’s time to let these doves loose: Its an Auditorium smörgåsbord, and everyone gets seconds. One-two punch activate! SUCKER PUNCH! Auditorium is now on Steam! Our first game, the one that started our whole crazy game-making careers, is finally available as a PC/Mac downloadable title! As […]

Fractal’s Back!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: After listening to your concerns, we’ve decided that making customers pay again for an app they’ve already purchased is too much to ask. We’ve decided to make Fractal free on iTunes through this Friday. We’ve just made the change, so it may take a little while to propagate to your region. Thanks for your understanding […]

Pulse Fix is Live!

We’d like to thank everybody for alerting us (via emails, reviews, and homing pigeons) about the desyncing bug on one of the new Pulse: Volume One tracks, Belly of the Beast, by Jim Guthrie. We have resolved the issue and the track has been realigned with the orbits of the planets, so go update your Pulse! […]

Auditorium is Going Downloadable!

We’ve finally gotten around to creating a standalone version of Auditorium, and it’s heading to the Steam Store and the Cipher Prime Store! Expect to see it up in the next few weeks! I bought the web-based Auditorium already. So, do I get a downloadable version? Sure! If you are an existing purchaser, once everything […]

Philly Inquirer Features ‘Splice’

We’ve been hinting at this game for a while now. We even showed off an early version of it at the IGDA Philly Dev Night in November. So if you’ve been wondering what “Splice” is all about, the Philadelphia Inquirer has the scoop. Check out the exposé by Geekadelphia’s Eric Smith in his article A Look […]

Fractal Pulled from iTunes App Store

Due to technical issues experienced with our publisher—namely that they are technically no longer our publisher—Fractal: Make Blooms Not War has been pulled from the iTunes App Store. Don’t worry, though. The situation is only temporary. Now that publishing rights have been returned to Cipher Prime, we’ll be re-releasing Fractal for the iPad under our […]

Pulse Featured in the App Store!

We love it when this happens. Apple threw together a selection of top “Music & Rhythm Games” on the App Store, and Pulse: Volume One made the cut! Thanks to all of our long-time supporters and all of our new players, we hope you enjoy the game!  

Fractal Game Guide Now Available

By popular demand, the Official Game Guide for Fractal: Make Blooms Not War is now available on the Fractal game page. This guide covers the mechanics and metrics for the different types of fractals, blooms, and game modes available. For anyone interested in gameplay videos, these are two we thought were worth sharing: First Impressions […]

Last Call for the Indie Royale Bundle!

Fractal is included in Indie Royale’s New Year’s Bundle, but it’s the last day of the sale! For the next 24 hours, you can purchase Fractal along with three other games: Nuclear Dawn (InterWave Studios), Max and the Magic Marker (Press Play), and Super Crossfire (Radian Games). The Indie Royale Bundle is a fluctuating minimum price […]

Holiday Update & New Tracks

Seasons Greetings from the Cipher Prime team! Pulse: Volume One, the Holiday Edition, is available NOW! In the spirit of giving, we’ve added six new tracks with this update, bringing Pulse up to nearly an hour of original music!  Two of our favorite tracks come complimentary of two great Gamercamp artists:  Jim Guthrie (Sword and Sworcery) and […]