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Mike Bithell Interview at Dev Night!

Tomorrow, 7:00 PM: we’re hosting a virtual Q&A session with Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell! Mike wins an extra ninety million awesome points for agreeing to do the Q&A all the way from England–thank you so much, dude! So come out to tomorrow’s dev night to get the inside scoop on Mike’s lovable menagerie of rectangles. […]

The Cooperation Continuum

This past week we’ve started getting into the nitty-gritty of cooperative puzzle play. Before we try adding any genre-bending features to Duet, we want to nail down cooperative puzzles that extend the original Auditorium’s gameplay. To do this, we have to figure out where we should place the game on the continuum of styles of […]

It’s Cipher, Not Cypher

Let’s set the record straight. Our studio is named “Cipher Prime”, not “Cypher Prime”. In interviews and reviews (and even in customer support emails), people frequently refer to us as “cypher prime,” perhaps mistakenly believing that we are incorrectly spelling in our own name. Let’s take a closer look at these two spelling variants to […]

Conventions, Concerts and Couples!

We’ve got two upcoming events and a special bulletin to make. Here are the deets: 1. Philadelphia GameLoop Like talking about games? Dislike being told what to talk about? Come to GameLoop! What: GameLoop is a self-organizing conference–an unconference, if you will–wherein attendees decide the subjects of talks democratically. When: Saturday, May 18th, 2013, 9:00 AM […]

May 2nd: Intel-Sponsored Game Jam!

This Thursday, the Intel Level Up Competition will be sponsoring our game jam! The winner of this very special game jam will receive a 250 GB Solid State Drive! What’s a game jam? A game jam is a contest in which people try to create a game in a limited period of time. Once a month, […]

Out of the Rectangle

In the original Auditorium, the gamespace was just a single black rectangle. Although we’ve always been happy with how Auditorium turned out visually, we also think it would be fun to create a gamespace that gives players more colors, particles, and music! So one feature that we’ve been prototyping (and we’re feeling pretty good about it […]

Gaming and Neurodiversity: Learn to Play, Play to Learn

When we started making games, we didn’t make them with autism in mind. Yet over the years, we’ve received many emails from the parents of children on the autism spectrum, thanking us for creating experiences that they could share with their children. Messages like these have raised a question in our minds: why do our […]

Cipher Prime Interviews Brian Provinciano

At our last Dev Night Cipher Prime had the pleasure of interviewing Retro City Rampage designer Brian Provinciano. Together we laughed, learned, and loved. Here’s are some of his awesome thoughts! Q: What made you think you wanted to do Retro City Rampage, specifically? A: I didn’t necessarily see Retro City Rampage as the finished […]

Show us your Auditorium: Duet Kickstarter shirts!

Attention, Kickstarter donors: we want to see how awesome you look in your new Auditorium: Duet shirts! So post on our Facebook wall, and represent your Cipher Prime swag! You’re too sexy for your shirt. Too sexy for your shirt. So sexy it hurts. ___ If you’re interested in receiving more news, promotions, ramblings, and/or snuggles, subscribe to […]

Upcoming Events at Cipher Prime

“Gaming as Therapy” Autism Event Cipher Prime is excited to announce that on April 19th, we will be partnering with the Academy of Natural Sciences to hold an autism event called “Gaming as Therapy: A Pathway to Interaction“! This event will explore video games as a potential form of therapy for autism, and as a […]