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“Hey! It’s research, baby.”

The folks around here at the office have been after me for some time now about doing a “musing,” since I haven’t really posted any to date. I feel that these musings should be a reflection of personal experiences, something to take pride in, something that stands as a digest of interests and projects you’ve […]

Splice: IndieCade Nominee

Awards! It seems Splice was kissed by Lady Luck! In June, Intel announced Splice as Puzzle Genre winner of the Intel Level Up competition. In July, Penny Arcade announced Splice as one of this year’s 10 best indie games in the PAX 10 selection. We were also nominated for the Philly Geek Awards as Indie Game Dev […]

Auditorium + MusicRx

Cancer f#@%ing sucks. No question about it. If you’ve ever known someone with cancer, you know just how scary and devastating it can be. You also know how important hope can be. Through MusicRx, the Children’s Cancer Association is helping to promote a bit of hope, happiness, and comfort to children fighting cancer. The program […]

Upcoming Dev Nights

Change in schedule folks. Starting next week, Dev Nights will be moving to Thursdays. Same time, same place. Doors open at 5pm. Game jam goes till 1am. Dev Night Diaries Looking forward, we’re going to be adding to the Dev Night format a bit. For one, we’re starting to put together Dev Night Diaries with […]

Splice, Duet, and the Road Ahead

So where does Splice stand now that it’s been released on Steam? Is it going to be available through the Cipher Prime Store as well? Will there be an iOS or Android version of the game? When will we start to hear about development on Auditorium 2 : Duet, and when can we expect to […]

Tonight’s Dev Night Rescheduled

Just a quick announcement here. Tonight’s Dev Night is being moved to tomorrow night since the crew here at Cipher Prime will be partaking in The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tonight. Next week we’ll return to the regular Wednesday night schedule, 5pm to 1am. If you plan on attending, there is metered […]

Splice Screenshot Challenge

If you missed out on the chance to snag one of the Steam game codes given away on Twitter this week—no worries—we’ve got another opportunity here for you to get your hands on free games from Cipher Prime! The point of this challenge is to be creative with the game mechanics. We want to see what interesting […]

Community Events

Two weeks from now, we will be discontinuing the Cipher Prime Facebook page. What a way to start off the community events post, right? Well, the important thing to know is we’re not going away. In fact, we’re going to be more present than ever! From here on you’ll start to see more news, developer […]

Splice Featured in the PAX 10!

Splice made the PAX 10 selection! Turns out we’ll be at PAX Prime this year after all! This is a huge accomplishment for us, and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful for the opportunity to stand alongside some of the great indie developers of today. If you’re going to be at PAX Prime, be […]

Splice Update Released

Updates to Splice, Splice Demo, and Splice Soundtrack released on Steam this week. The updates are applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Major changes include the following: Fixed all issues related to unlocking achievements. With this update, any achievement that was previously earned but not unlocked will automatically unlock upon entering the game. […]