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Olivia Broadfield Remix Competition

Hey guys! I’ve just put an entry into Olivia Broadfield/TUAW‘s “Say” remix competition! As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of Propellerhead‘s Reason software, and while Reason 5 has been pretty great to me, after using the trial of Reason 6 to do this competition I’m simply not going back. Being able to have live audio […]

Steam Codes for Fractal Owners!

Good news! We’ve worked out the kinks with Valve, and I’m happy to announce that we’ve gotten codes for all Fractal owners to activate their copies on Steam! All you’ll need to do is: Log into your account at the Cipher Prime Store. If you haven’t already, Activate Your Copy of Fractal. In the product […]

Fractal: The Return of the Bloom.

As always, when Cipher Prime goes radio silent, it’s usually because we’re working on something awesome. Or playing Starcraft II in a rum-and-whiskey fueled haze. Which, to be fair, is also awesome. First, we deal with the rumours. Yes, we are working on a new title! No, I’m not telling you anything about it yet. Yes, […]

Apologies and Updates

You spoke and we listened. We carefully read through your customer reviews both on the iTunes Store and on our blog. It looks like many of you have been experience crashing and problems with OpenFeint on older firmware, so we’ve fixed up a few bugs and temporarily taken out OpenFeint support until it is thoroughly stable. […]

Fractal now $0.99 for one day only!

Things are really starting to come together at Cipher Prime. Thanks to you, we’ve got one of the top 10 music games on the iPad. We’ve got a great new work schedule that’s keeping us fed, rested, and sane. I think I actually saw Will eat a vegetable the other day. And to top it […]

Pulse Top 10 iPad Music Game: 12 weeks and counting!

It seems like only yesterday (hah!) that Pulse: Volume One released on the iTunes App Store.  Now 12 weeks later, it’s still rocking the App Store’s top 10 list for iPad music games! To celebrate, and bring even more players to the party, we’re running a limited time sale beginning now.  If you’ve got an […]

The Road Ahead

This post contains 3 BIG announcements. After the response to our Pulse announcement, I’d wanted to make some things very clear about the direction of Cipher Prime. We’re not switching to the iPad. We’re switching to Unity. Now, we love Flash. And we’re really good at it. But it does have limitations. Auditorium and Fractal […]

Home Sweet Home!

A-thousand-and-one thanks to everyone that participated in the Moving Sale! If there is anyone that still has not received their free audio tracks, shoot us an email at support@cipherprime.com and we’ll get that squared away for you right away. And now, pictures! Old office @ 910 S 8th St. 180 sqft. of former candy store […]

Cipher Prime Announces the Moving Sale Fundraiser

A new office, strong software, better equipment, and a few more hands on deck. After two years of business, Cipher Prime needs to step its game up. And because we’d just as soon get a loan from a bank as we would from a loan shark, we’re doing this the old fashioned way: throwing a […]

Auditorium in the CP Store!

We’re pushing an update that will finally link Auditorium and the Cipher Prime Store! You’ll no longer need to remember two different usernames and passwords! The update process is very simple and streamlined — all you’ll need to do is log into your Auditorium account and follow the instructions there. If you already have a […]