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Procedural Dynamic Room Generation in “ARE”

For the Global Game Jam this year, our team wanted to make a game that behaved like a personality test. It would try to determine if you liked killing enemies, collecting items, running around wildly, or interacting with the game’s inhabitants. Once the game had a handle on what you preferred, it would tailor itself […]

Pulse Available on Google Play!

We are super excited to announce that Pulse is finally out for Android tablets via Google Play.  We know a lot of our fans have been patiently waiting for our games to make it to their platform of choice!  We love you and we always try to listen to you! If you have an Android tablet, […]

Fractal Featured on Google Play!

The long wait is over! Fractal is finally available on Android devices through the Google Play™ Store! Why are you still reading this? You should be downloading it now! For those who are still here, you might remember Fractal as the bumpin’ arcade puzzling game we put out in 2010. You push multicolored hexagonal gems […]

Choosing Game Jam Themes

Every month at Cipher Prime, we hold a twelve-hour game jam, a contest in which people try to create a game based off a theme of our choosing. Along with stressing over hosting the event (and, of course, over our own jamming efforts), we stress over choosing game jam themes. WHAT’S SO HARD ABOUT CHOOSING […]