MTV Game Awards Germany

Thank you, MTV Game Awards Germany!! Germany just loves Auditorium and we love them. Not only have we been lucky enough to be nominated for a Game Award we’re also in the category “Working Class Hero.” I can’t even begin to tell you how cool I think that is. I enjoy seeing any sort of love for the indie game company.

Windosill, Scary Girl, Paper Moon, and Little Wheel were also nominated. If you haven’t had the pleasure in trying any of these great games you really should. Good luck guys, your killing it! It’s really great to see indie gaming recognized. Please checkout the entries and vote for the indie game of your choice!

2BeeGames Winner!

To paraphrase Psychotronic:


Wow! I’m thrilled to announce that Auditorium has won the 2BeeGames Indie Game Competition! Thanks so much to everyone that voted for us — we definitely could not have done it without you. There were so many good games in the competition; personally, I’m a big fan of Storm. Coded in just two weeks (!), I’d love to see what it could do with more time and funding, so I’m keeping an eye out. I also thought Bucaneer Battle was a lot of fun — great manic brawler.

Congrats to Terence Lee, Edouard Mercure, and Dream Builder Studios! We’re absolutely thrilled to have been in such a great competition with you guys.

And once again, to everyone that voted, everyone that reads the blog, and everyone that supports us — we 100% could not have done this without you! You’re the best fans in the world.

Okay, I’d seriously better stop before I go into a tearful “I’d like to thank the academy…”. If you’re Stateside, have a great 4th of July Weekend!

Publisher Competition

Hey everyone!

I have great news! Auditorium is a finalist in 2beegames publisher competition. What does this mean!?! If we win, they give us 10k and a publishing deal. Which means we could have Auditorium on the Playstation 3, XBOX, or Wii soon enough.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! For the next couple of weeks there will be voting over at for what games stay in the competition. If you’d like to see us on another platform, please go sign-up on their site then click on the little image in the top-right that says ‘click here to vote for your favorite.’ Right now we’re not doing so hot, because our game hasn’t been working on their site until today. Please help us catch up! Your our only hope!

Thanks sooooooo much!

There are a lot of cool games on the site to checkout, even if you don’t vote it’s worth checking out the other games.

Changing Seasons

Hey everyone! We’ve received a lot of requests to put the seasonal music from the demo/lite version of Auditorium into the full game. You know what? You’re totally right! So, I’ve been thinking it would be cool to make 4 new acts, one for each season based on the levels you want to see! Please, let me know what sort of new levels you might want and we’ll try our best to come up with something for everyone.

Auditorium Unlocked and Best in Class

Heya! So, San Fran was just fantastic, as well as a real eye-opener. More than anything, the GDC renewed my hope for games. The independent talks that went on were just fabulous. It was also great being able to sit down and talk with some great people such as Brad Borne, Tyler Glaiel, and many others. I can only image the kinds of games that will be created by all the talented people we met.

Any who, let’s talk a bit about Auditorium Unlocked! We’ve been discussing the idea of locking and unlocking levels in games and we’ve decided it’s junk. So, we figured we might as well just put our foot in our mouth and unlock Auditorium. Hopefully, this won’t upset anyone too much. For a trial period, you will be able to go to any level in Auditorium at any time. We want to hear feedback, so please voice your opinions and concerns! On top of that, we also added a link to the Act Complete Stage once you complete an act. Keep in mind, now that you can freely roam, you still need to complete all the levels of an Act to unlock the Act Complete Stage. So, clear your cache, hit refresh, and let us know what you think about the new changes!

Best In Class - Interactive Media Award

Finally, I wanted to announce that the Auditorium site has won an Interactive Media Award for Best in Class in the area of ‘Games Playing.’ This is a tremendous honor. This ranks our site up there with the likes of the beautiful BioShock Site. To be honest, we couldn’t be anymore proud!

Stay tuned guys, we have a lot of exciting things happening soon! If you’re in the Philadelphia area, I will be down at theGXL gaming event this weekend throwing a tournament and playing some games! Come see me and say hello!

Updates Ahoy! Awards and Stuff!

Right then.

So we have weeks worth of updates to give! Like Will said, we’ve been pretty much slammed with customer support, and just got back from an awesome week in San Fran for the GDC. We met a ton of cool people, and we’re psyched to be back with a ton of new game ideas that you’ll hopefully get a sneak peek at soon.

The award looking awesome in our office

The award looking awesome in our office

Oh yeah, we were lucky enough to win Most Creative Game of 2008 at the first annual Flash Gaming Summit! I… don’t really know how that happened actually, but whatever — it looks awesome in the office.

Thanks so much to Mochi Media and the FGS — and of course, all you guys that made this possible 😀

Moving forward, we’re going to have new features and announcements coming up really soon, so keep checking back!

P.S. For those of you waiting on the soundtrack, things are moving forward…

Mochis Finalist!

Hey guys! It has certainly been awhile. We have been working our tails off with Auditorium Customer Support and the prototype of our new game (we’ll get to that some other time). But, the most important news we have right now is being a finalist in the Mochis Awards at the Flash Gaming Summit in the category of Most Creative Flash Game!!! This is quite an honor for us, being chosen from over 700 nominations.

On top of being a finalist, we also have a chance at winning the peoples choice award! If you like Auditorium and would like to see it get more acclaim you can go vote for it here to show your support. We’ll be flying out to California soon for this event then heading over to the GDC. So, if your in the area drop by and say hello!

One last thing, some users had been mentioning some levels taking a long time to solve. We published an update for this a few weeks ago, so if you still experience the problem please let us know. At this point, that should be completely resolved and never bother you again.

2008 Puzzle Game of the Year is Live!

You heard us! Over at JayIsGames we were lucky enough to be named as Browser-Based Puzzle Game of the Year. We cannot even tell you how much of an honor this. Hopefully, the full version will live up to the hype. But really, thats for you to decide. We have done our absolute best to make the full experience a massive upgrade from the demo. We’ve incorporated things like a level selection tool, saved solutions, optional level advance, and free-roam act completion, along with graphical and ambient enhancements. You play the game, your way. However, this is just another checkpoint for us. We’re planning on continued development for Auditorium to make it the absolute best it can be. So, we want to hear what you think. That way, we can make the game you want to see.

Important Release News

As everyone has noticed, the full release of Auditorium has not gone live yet. After completing development on our local copy, we began migration of the new system on Thursday morning. Little did we know this would launch the longest work day in Cipher Prime history — a staggering 72 hours straight of non-stop work from 10AM Thursday through to 10 AM this Sunday morning.
In this time, we were beset by all manner of development demons, including uncooperative servers, a few over-eager fans, and all the ravages of sleep deprivation.

The disappointment for us is that, after all that effort, we still do not feel that the full release is quite up to our standards.

Auditorium means so very much to us and we don’t want to disappoint you, but we also feel it is our responsibility to learn from the past — and if the punishment our servers took when the demo was dugg is any indication, we’ll have quite the storm to weather. In order to better manage the traffic that we’ll (hopefully!) receive, we have decided to do a staggered release:

[ February 3rd ] 11AM EST – Auditorium will go live, and the full-version will be released directly to donators. Donators will be notified at this time with an email and authentication codes to pick up their copy.
[ February 4th ] 11AM EST – Auditorium will be released for purchase by the general public.

By staggering the release, we’ll make sure that everyone who purchases Auditorium will not get a degraded experience due to server load.

We cannot apologize enough for not going live on Friday, but we are only a two-man team, and despite what the little voices tell us, sleep is actually a good thing.

We have tried our very best, but we must humbly ask for your forgiveness and hope you enjoy the launch early this week. Thank you for your continuing support.