Auditorium + MusicRx

Cancer f#@%ing sucks. No question about it. If you’ve ever known someone with cancer, you know just how scary and devastating it can be. You also know how important hope can be.

Through MusicRx, the Children’s Cancer Association is helping to promote a bit of hope, happiness, and comfort to children fighting cancer. The program is aimed at providing kids with a therapeutic means of escape while allowing them to express themselves through music. MyMusicRx is a place for kids to explore and listen to music, play music-based games, learn about musical artists and sports stars, and connect with others.

To help the cause, Auditorium is now available to MyMusicRx kids as a free to play game. You can also help the cause by searching for and purchasing your iTunes music through iTunes will donate up to 5% of all purchases to the Children’s Cancer Association.

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