Auditorium is Going Downloadable!

Auditorium Standalone GraphicWe’ve finally gotten around to creating a standalone version of Auditorium, and it’s heading to the Steam Store and the Cipher Prime Store! Expect to see it up in the next few weeks!

I bought the web-based Auditorium already. So, do I get a downloadable version?

Sure! If you are an existing purchaser, once everything is on the Cipher Prime Store and finalized on the Steam Store you will be able to redeem your game. You can download it straight from your products page.

Is there anything new in the game? Why are you releasing it as a standalone version?

No, aside from a new main menu, this version of Auditorium is the same as the classic full version. This standalone release is coming because fans have been asking for this for a while, and because we’re transitioning our titles away from browser-based games.

I’d rather just play on the website, can I still do that?

Yes. However, we are going to be moving the game from the website to a dedicated page on the Cipher Prime website. No need to worry about that, though, because will automatically redirect you to the proper place!

Will my progress from the web version be saved if I start playing on the standalone version?

Unfortunately, no. We’re sorry! In addition to moving the game off of, and to make the standalone version slightly better, we’re storing all the save information locally on the user’s machine. This includes the web version! In order to cut down on server fees we will no longer be maintaining the PlayAuditorium database, so the local save means your progress will only be saved on the machine you play on.

So, what else have you been up to? Anything new? How’s your mum?

If you’ve been following any Cipher Prime news, you’ll know we’ve been working on a neat little puzzler called Splice. Well, we’re putting the finishing touches on that game and you’ll hear more about it the near future!

And expect to hear from us soon about a KickStarter campaign we’re getting set to launch. Something to do with a sequel…a bigger, better, multiplayer one!

She’s doing well, thanks for asking!

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  1. andrei
    andrei says:


    We currently don’t have plans to put Auditorium on Desura on its own. However, Fractal was recently part of the New Year’s Indie Royale Bundle, which was available on Desura, and if we do another bundle like that, it’s very possible that we’d include Auditorium!

  2. Michael says:

    Why haven’t you made an Android version? You are making a stand alone, yet your have it on the POS iOS, but nor Android? I mean hello????????? Wake up Android has surpassed iOS! It is Flash based, easy as hell to port! I paid for it and it is great, but lets get real. How often are ppl really at home now days?

  3. Adam says:

    YAY! F-ING YAY!!!! I god damn love you guys!!! I’m gonna download and play this ALL THE TIME! Flights, cars, busses, classes, dissertation meetings, lunch, dinner, brunch, brinner. NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!

    Also, would it be possible to install it to a flash drive or something for ultimate “play anywhere” portability?

  4. Josh says:

    I bought this a loooooong time ago. LOVE the game. Like CJG, and probably several others who aren’t speaking up yet, where is the soundtrack? I would replay the same level over and over just to hear the completed tune again and again. Thanks again for the wonderful game. Can’t wait to have it on Steam.

  5. Stardawn says:

    Nice. When can we hope to have Auditorium available for PS3 in EUROPE please ? It’s been out on the US PSN store for a few years, but it still isn’t for european players… we kinda feel left out…

  6. andrei
    andrei says:


    We know, we know! The difficult part for us (well, for Dain, our music man) is creating full tracks from the short clips in Auditorium. Dain would feel bad about selling people a bunch of 30 second tracks and calling it a soundtrack! However, expect some soundtrack news soon (in conjunction with news about a KickStarter project).

    The main issue is making sure the game would look good and run fine across a range of different Android devices. We don’t have enough people/time/money to focus on making the ports acceptable, not if we want to keep up with newer projects.

    I know a bunch of homebodies, and we like to play games at work too. 🙂

    Thanks! You make us want to make more and better games! If you’re downloading the Cipher Prime standalone and not relying on Steam, it will be easy enough to carry the application around on a Flash Drive. However, the save information will be stored locally on each computer that you play on, so your progress would be different on the different machines.

    We’re sorry! At this point the PS3 levels are not going to be in the standalone, it’s just the classic Full version that’s going be in the Standalone version.

    We do not know why the version isn’t on the European PSN. We have brought it up with our PSN Publisher ZooGames several times, but they have yet to move on the issue. We think it would be awesome if our European fans could play our game on the PS3 (The publisher can be contacted here: , by the way…).

  7. Nicholas says:

    I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing on devs (like the guy up near the top) but it is a fact that Android has been crushing apple in market-share for a long time now, and it’s sad to see great development houses still ignoring us like we’re geeky outliers. I mean when I had a G1 it was annoying but understandable, now I don’t even understand… I bought Auditorium, and would buy it again in the android market. I would love to try Pulse, but can’t. Please give me a chance to give you my money.

  8. andrei
    andrei says:


    No worries! When we say we would put it on Android if we could, we mean it. If we were a bigger company we might be able to outsource it or commit some people to optimizing Auditorium on Android devices. If you’re curious, Auditorium on the iPhone wasn’t done by us, it was a publishing deal where the game was ported for us. No publisher approached us with a similar Android deal.

    Now that we are using Unity, which does make porting to different platforms easier, we are looking at making newer games with Android in mind. (Though it’s still not perfect; we’ve tried doing Pulse on Android Tablets, but may have to wait for the next Unity update because of the way Pulse syncs music with the levels).

  9. D-side says:

    Is graphics going to look like Auditorium HD, or will more resemble the original web version?

    Also willing to see an Android version… Yeah, I know that’s complicated. But the only way I’ve found so far to play it is via a remote control software, with browser working on my laptop. Quite a higher framerate than direct Flash playback. Hope hardware-accelerated browser makes it better, but standalone version would be far better than figuring out how to speed up Flash…

  10. andrei
    andrei says:


    The graphics will resemble the classic web version. We considered updating the graphics for the standalone, but decided that instead we would simply release the standalone as is (because people have been asking for it for a while) so we could put our time and resources into a special Auditorium related KickStarter project coming up soon.

  11. JohnnyQDoe says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ve loved Auditorium for years and have been passing it on to host country nationals during my PeaceCorps service and have been trying to incorporate it into some curriculum we’re doing about games for one of my centers.

    • andrei
      andrei says:

      Can’t do Android at the moment, because we don’t have the money, hardware, or time. But we’re still doing research on how we should best approach it. Would you mind filling out a survey on what Android devices you own and which marketplaces you use?

  12. Linux says:

    If a person chooses to buy the Linux version, what is the mechanism by which they can have a downloadable version, since Steam is not yet on Linux? Thanks!! 🙂

    • nikkolai
      nikkolai says:

      The web-based version at is the only option available to Linux users for the moment. We will eventually have a Linux downloadable available, though most likely after the new Cipher Prime Store goes live. Which store are you purchasing Auditorium from?

  13. Linux says:

    Hey, thanks for replying! I buy my Linux games from Desura, Humble Bundles, and directly from the sites of game studios willing to support me (I prefer Desura for convenience). You guys are the best.

    Anothee question; if I buy today at, can I redeem on Desura (hopefully, or wherever you choose) if/when your Linux standalone downloadable becomes available? That would let me support you today, and play a little, but wirh the knowledge that I won’t be stuck in the browser forever.

  14. Linux says:

    Argh, stupid fingers (should have just trusted my Android keyboard instead of trying to spell myself), making typos. “Another question…”, “with the knowledge”. Thanks for bearing with me!

  15. nikkolai
    nikkolai says:

    Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. Took a look at the Linux version last weekend. Still going to take some work. Our priorities right now are to get the new site up and running. I’ll revisit this afterwards and keep you posted.

    Thanks for asking 🙂


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