Auditorium HD. PS3. November 23rd.

A lot of you have been wondering: whatever happened to that contest we won? Wasn’t Auditorium supposed to be coming to platforms or something?

Well it is. The culmination of many months of work is upon us, with Auditorium HD coming to PS3 on November 23rd! The game looks and plays awesome on the system, and we’ve put a lot of work in with indiePub (the Publisher) and Empty Clip Studios (the Developer) to make the best console experience for Auditorium we could muster. Auditorium HD contains the entire playlist from the online version (now called Auditorium Classic), as well as an entirely new playlist called Auditorium Modern, with 78 new levels and brand-spanking new audio!

The producer from indiePub put his thoughts up on the Official Playstation blog.

This is really special for us. To be honest, we’re not sure the reality of having created a game on the PS3 has even hit us yet. November 23 will be a momentous day for our little Cipher Prime Team and we can’t wait to share it with you. For everyone who donated so long ago, you’ve changed our lives and I hope we never go back to the old sludge of things.

In celebration, we’ll be releasing some more information soon on a super-secret new title we’ve been silently cooking up. If you look, you’ll notice there haven’t been any updates in awhile. We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on this new title and we’ll be able to share soon! Keep in touch!

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  1. Soltanis says:

    Now I feel left out by not owning a PS3, Will just add Auditorium HD to the list of reason to think about getting a PS3. Guessing the PC version won’t be getting the new playlist?

  2. Weasel says:

    SUPER CONGRATS! I saw this on the official PlayStation blog, and got SUPER happy. I’m so happy for you guys. I LOVED Auditorium and Fractal, so I cannot WAIT to play Auditorium HD on the PlayStation 3. As always, I will continue to support anything and everything that you create in the future! Keep up the great work, and can’t wait to hear about your new project!

  3. Synthesse says:

    Congrats! 😀
    Pretty excited for the new title too, but is there any chance we will see Auditorium Modern on the PC as well? Pretty please?

  4. LightAce says:

    I’ve watched that trailer at least 10 times today. The music was just amazing and the visuals stunning. Can’t wait for Nov 23

  5. Neil says:

    Also, would it be possible to update the graphics in the iphone and computer versions? That fancy glow and stuff in the screenshots sure looks nice.

  6. kenaustin says:

    Great news! This will be only the second time I’ve ever bought the same game for different a platform. I assure you, that is a big deal! Keep up the good work!

  7. Kyte says:

    Weeeh, i just downloaded the trailer (80MB for not even 2 mins) and can’t get enough from the music.
    I wish you guys would publish the Soundtrack, i love that music!

  8. Fizban48 says:

    Please please Please make the Auditorium game with self buildable levels… Creative folks are always looking for outlets… this game screams of open levels. Let folks compete for notariarty on your web page….
    hold contests……

    let folks choose which reflectors to use… let them choose color hoops and where to put them…

    you would turn a very good game into a classic…

  9. Captain Flavor says:

    Congrats! I’ve loved this game since the first day it was released, and have it both on my PC/Mac and iPod. Guess I’ll turn on my PS3 right now! 😀

  10. Thiago Balducci says:

    Hey there !

    Im impressed and mesmerized with the fact that i had never heard of this game before, its a golden title and deserves all the love its going to get, its so good im going to buy it for pc and ps3 🙂

    go for it guys ! Im rooting for your and waiting for your future releases !

  11. Brian King says:

    Hey guys, this is awesome news! I found out about it the day it came out! (Kotaku advertising link) I have bought the PC version and will buy this one as well but have you guys ever thought of making this for the 360 with Kinect support?

  12. radinplaid says:

    please, please, please make this available for the xbla! i was so enchanted by this game when i first saw it and the idea of it coming to consoles was really exciting for me as that is where i do the majority of my gaming.

  13. Kage56 says:

    Bought it, played it, love it! Please continue to port these games over to PSN 😀
    Will Fractal be in the foreseeable future? it’s an amazing and interesting game as much as Auditorium 🙂

  14. carter says:

    how do i enable move support on auditorium HD? everything is plugged in but i don’t see an option to use the move controller.

  15. banok says:

    Congratulations guys! I bought the game the moment I got home at around 12-ish midnight of 24th of November and loving it. I did play the browser based demo of the game a few months ago and that really convinced me to buy the game on psn.
    Your game and it’s music is really relaxing and beautiful, so keep it up. Is there any chance you guys could release the music soundtrack on psn or maybe even a physical cd I would buy it in a heartbeat. And how about doing a dynamic theme based on the game.

  16. William says:

    It’s funny ’cause it’s exclusively on the best console out just now… XP A good change from the fail box anyway 😀

  17. Ronnie says:

    Congratulations for the PS3 release of Auditorium. I’ve really enjoyed the PC version and I’ll buy the PS3 version as soon as I have a PS3. Thanks for making this great, original and challenging game! I’m eager to see your next games!

  18. Michael W says:

    No PC version? That’s really disappointing, I hope it’s coming later or at least the new levels get ported back. I’d gladly buy your next game, Auditorium and Fractal are both excellent, but I’ll never own a PS3.

  19. Mark says:

    Nothing here in the UK on PS3. I checked when I first saw the news on 23rd Nov, I checked just now when I got your email but nope, nothing yet.

    Maybe SCEE could be nice enough to give this tiny area called Europe a release date?

  20. cazyius says:

    I can’t believe this! I’ve player the game ever since it was a small unknown flash game. I voted for it to win the contest so it could be ported to the PS3 (and got my friends to do it to) and was super excited when I heard you won. Now that the game finally has come, IT’S NOT RELEASED TO EUROPE?!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??

  21. !7 says:

    I really want to play the full version of auditorium. But I have seen news reports of this game being released for XBLA, like on wikipedia. Yet I cannot find it. I will not buy the full version until I know for sure whether it is coming to XBLA or not. Simply because I cannot afford to buy it twice.

  22. Bob says:

    Now how about an update on when you will be releasing your SOUNDTRACK? I remember reading a post on your blog about it maybe a year ago? Yet ever since then it’s never been mentioned and your main website has said that you’ve been working on it for ages.
    I would LOVE to contribute by purchasing it eventually!
    Looking forward to hearing news about it!

  23. danpaul88 says:

    Nearly a year later and still not available on PSN in the UK… rather disappointing, looks like we may never get the chance to buy it here 🙁

  24. The_Reaver says:

    I really loved the demo, but since I don;t have credit card, I can’t buy it. My only hope was PSN, but I live in Europe and SCEE doesn’t give any news bout the PAL release. Why does US, and EU PSN have to be THAT different. I just want to pay Cipher for this game and play it on my PS3.


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