Bundles of Love, Bundles of Joy

We’ve put together a brand new Indie Bundle with our friends at Dejobaan Games, Digital Eel, Farbs, Lazy 8 Studios, Llamasoft, and Nifflas’ Games!

The bundle features AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, BrainPipe, Captain Forever, Cogs, Saira, and Space Giraffe (valued at nearly $80). Lucky for you, we’re selling the bundle for a mere $19.99!

We're passing the savings on to YOUUUUUU!

We highly recommend you hop on over to http://www.theindiebundle.com and snag a copy before it’s too late!

But wait, there’s still more good news! If you didn’t get to chance to pick up the last Indie Bundle, it’s still available on the Indie Bundle Site!

And if you’re REALLY itching to get your game on, you can grab the Mega-Love Bundle which includes both the Summer-of-Love Bundle and the original Indie Love Bundle — over $160 worth of games — for the ludicrously low price of $29.99.  Now that’s a bargain, ain’t it?

As with all games at the CP Store, you can access and download your games at any time — no DRM, no middlemen. And if you already own games in the bundle, you can send your extra copies to your friends, so they can enjoy them too!

The sale ends Thursday Wednesday, Sept. 22nd, at 11:59 PM, so act fast and pick one up today!

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  1. Weasel says:

    WOW! That’s intense! Even though I already have Auditorium, obviously, 12 games for $29.99 is a crazy great deal. Thanks for this offer! I’ll look into it later this week, and pass it on. (:

  2. Adderaltered says:

    Would be more than happy to be grabbing these bundles but they are a bit inconsistent as far as which operating systems they use. Seems a bit silly to for Mac and Linux users to grab these bundles as they’ll only get 1, maybe 2 games (it’s tough to tell w/ some games which OS they use.) On the Dejobaan site it says it’s PC only, yet on this page: http://www.theindiebundle.com/#summer_about if you click on the AAAAAA icon it says it’s a Mac game as well.

  3. Adderaltered says:

    Alright, doing a bit more research, clicking on the icons on the indie bundle page mentioned above indicates which OS’s the games will work on. Here’s a quick breakdown:
    All games play on Windows.
    For Mac the site says: Aaaaa!, Brainpipe, Captain Forever, and Space Giraffe will work. Unfortunately that leaves out Cogs, and Saira.
    For Linux users you have the option of Captain Forever or Captain Forever. Not alot there, but I thought for sure this game was a Win32 only game when I first saw it.

    Now I know that there are a few more options , especially Aaaaaa!, I think I’ll give this bundle a chance, especially since it’ll support indie gamers. And developers, please try to fill in these gaps in your OS support, and thank you!

  4. Adderaltered says:

    BTW, I was speaking specifically about the summer bundle. There are quite a few other games which are browser based only that should be platform independent. Happy gaming!

    Also, Auditorium is free for the iPhone/ iPod Touch right now. I bought it months ago (it drew me to this site) and it is amazing!

  5. Adderaltered says:

    Cool, so I bought the summer bundle, and went to get the Aaaaa! game, which is Windows only, even though the on the bundle page says it’s Mac as well. I even grabbed a screen cap of it in case something like this happened. This is very disappointing and I feel like more attention should have been paid to being more honest to potential customers. Also, Space Giraffe, which is also listed as a Mac compatible game is Windows only. This means I spent $19.99 for Brainpipe, and Captain Forever, which I didn’t realize was an online only game. By the way, in doing my homework to figure out which games played on which systems, I made a screen grab of each game in the bundle with it explicitly showing both a Windows & a Mac icon under a statement that says; “Available Platforms.” I don’t know much more misleading you can get? I’m very underwhelmed. Does anyone fact check this stuff?

  6. dain
    dain says:

    @Adderaltered: Yup, I screwed that up. I’ve updated the site to reflect the actual download platforms. If you send me an email with your info to support@cipherprime.com, I’ll be more than happy to get you a refund.

    @forteller: We’re working on getting the Linux versions of Osmos and AYIM into the store; as soon as they’re up, I’ll update the bundle site as well.

  7. Josef says:

    @dain: Any chance of getting Machinarium for Linux too?

    The possibility of Linux versions is exciting. I already own both Osmos and AYIM, but only the Win32 versions. If I was able to get Linux versions of those two games for my laptop, it would make the bundle super appealing.

    If you also added the Linux version of Machinarium, I’d be decided for sure (since that’s really the game with an available linux version I’m certain my laptop can handle, but I’d also love to check Osmos and AYIM and I’m bound to upgrade someday).

    One question I have though, that doesn’t seem to be addressed on the site, is how downloading works. Can I redownload?

    And is there a time limit to how long the downloads will be available? Obviously you can’t afford to keep the download servers running forever, but is there a set deadline like 2 weeks after purchase, for example?

  8. dain
    dain says:


    We’re working on getting the Linux versions of Machinarium, Osmos, and AYIM into the store as soon as possible. They’ll be available to everyone that has purchased them — so if you purchased now, and the Linux versions went in on Monday, you’d be able to download the Linux versions on Monday.

    And we have no intent on shutting off the CP Store anytime soon — we’re adding features, and planning a full redesign/overhaul very soon — so you’ll be able to download your games for as long as we stay in business.

  9. Neil says:

    “as long as we stay in business”
    I certainly hope that CP won’t go out of business, but if it does, we won’t lose all our games on the CP store will we?

  10. Adderaltered says:

    Josef, I purchased Fractal and activated it when it first came out and enjoy it very much, thank you) and it still shows up as downloadable in my activated products in my profile when I log in. so to answer your question, it seems like once you purchase it, you can download it anytime. I believe one of the big mantras of this indie games group is “NO DRM” which means that they are really relying on your honesty to not install your game on every machine you touch. So be cool and don’t do it…

  11. Josef says:

    @dain: Oh! I should have realized that this would be through your company’s regular download store. I was thinking of this as a system setup just for the sale, hence my concern that downloads would only be available for a short time after the sale ended. Since it’s just a little extra side duty for your business’s store, that completely reassures me about how long you’ll keep it going.

    I’m looking forward to seeing little penguins appear on the extra games that you can add them for. I see you’ve already got the Linux version of Machinarium listed on the web site, which is great. I’m going to do just as you suggest and order now, enjoy the win32 games I haven’t played before, and download the extra linux versions if/when they appear.

    @Adderaltered: Thanks for confirming redownloads. No, of course I’d only install to my own computer(s), but it’s nice to be able to redownload as a backup to my backup. Hard drives crash without warning, and even DVD-Rs deteriorate faster than “the cloud,” if I even remember to make a backup. And sometimes it’s just more convenient to open up my password manager and login to a site than try to remember where I stuck the install file.

  12. dain
    dain says:

    Linux version for And Yet it Moves, Osmos, and Machinarium are available at the CP Store. If you already own the games, you do NOT need to repurchase — the download links should show up as soon as you log in.

    @Neil: Mmmm, delicious swag. We’re working on getting that up as soon we can, and you’ll be (among) the first to know when it’s available 😉

  13. Alex says:

    Hi, I’m seriously considering the bundle. Captain Forever is in it, but is this the same as becoming a “supporter” on the site in that we get all future versions too, or do we just get the two versions that are out right now?

  14. Gustav says:

    Claiming that the indie bundles includes “no drm” is pure bullshit.
    In what way is “Captain America” DRM-free? You have to be online to play it and it requires you to log in with your e-mail. I feel ripped off. When somebody claim to sell games that are DRM-free I assume they actaully mean DRM-free, not “almost DRM-free” or “mostly DRM-free”. Same goes for auditorium.


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