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So what happens when 6 great indie game developers come together in the month of love? Well, there really is only one option… The Indie Love Bundle. Inspired by nothing short of pure happiness, we have teamed up with Amanita Design, Broken Rules, Citeremis, Hemisphere Games, and Omni Systems to bring you a great gaming bundle.

From now until Friday the 19th at 11:59PM EST you can go grab And Yet it Moves, Auditorium, Aztaka, Eufloria, Machinarium, and Osmos from for the amazingly low price of $20.00 USD. That’s an $85 dollar value at a fraction of the cost!

What’s more exciting than this bundle? The fact that this is one of the first times a group of Indie Game developers have come together offering a game bundle to the world without any big distributor in the way. Not only is the bundle cheap, all your hard earned cash goes directly to the developers. This really is a bundle of love.

Enjoy and don’t forget the trailer!

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  1. RandomGuy says:

    Awh. I should’ve waited to buy Auditorium. :/

    For all those who haven’t bought the games yet, I recommend you do. They are available for give-away and is just below 25% of the price if you had paid for each of them separately.

  2. dain
    dain says:

    @RandomGuy: No worries! If you buy the bundle, you can actually gift individual products to friends and family. So if you have a friend you’ve been trying to get hooked, this is a great time.

    @Phil: No DRM. You’ll always have access to your games, and you can install on multiple platforms.

  3. Simon says:

    Should I buy the bundle or not?, that is the question. The answer is a yes, but I already own 2 of the games (Auditorium et Osmos)and really know nobody interested in a copy.

    Anyway, this is great.

  4. Simon says:

    I quote: “Not only is the bundle _cheap_, all your _hard_ earned cash goes directly to the developers. This really is a bundle of love.”

    Heh… Are you implying, in some way, that love is cheap and harsh?

  5. Rob Cairns says:

    I purchased the Love Bundle – but I cannot create an account on the Cipher Prime Store in order to access the games. I got my email receipt and have my redemption code, but when I click create new account on the store site, it just kicks me to a login page where I cannot sign in because I do not have an account. Password retrieval using my redemption code or email does not work (presumably because I do not have an account). Help!

  6. Rob Cairns says:

    I figured it out – but that store needs some work. Looks pretty, but it does not follow common conventions, and does some very strange things.

  7. will
    will says:


    Thanks for the info! Dain and I just made a lot of changes to the store so that process should be a bit smoother now. I’m sorry about the inconvenience, it should be much better for future customers now! Thanks for helping us see the issues.

  8. Daniel says:

    Terrific value for the price! I already owned Osmos and Machinarium – still a great deal – and you can send single games as a gift, my friend is a happy osmos-er now. Nice idea. Will watch following indie-packs.

  9. Brendan Boehr says:

    The Love Bundle is a phenomenal deal.

    The games push the envelope, the store is remarkably intuitive and streamlined, the innovative distribution system far surpasses all other browser based systems I’ve seen, and the feeling I get for supporting these indie game artists is irreplaceable.

  10. Keilaron says:

    Two unrelated FYIs:
    The mailing list link is broken, and I’ve encountered a few bugs with the “freely roam in any act” feature; One is that changing stage/act while it is telling you which one you’re in tends to break it (Can’t do anything, playing field is blank), and the other is selecting the “congratulations”-type stages tend to break the game (all non-congrats stages are skipped afterwards). Both bugs are of course “fixed” by a refresh.

  11. Mike says:

    Oh noes! Just missed it. Considered doing a choose 3 for $30? Quality games are hard to come by. I’m bookmarking the special and will buy one by one as I have time and money. Thanks!

  12. Simon says:

    Bought the bundle 7 minutes before the offer ended :B

    I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot, even if it’s just been for an hour that I have had it. I’m looking forward to see more stuff like this.

    On an unrelated note: Any news on Fractal?

  13. Jaagula says:

    I just want to say.., Thanks for this bundle …
    in this day and age of run and gun (which I love)…its nice to play some games that kinda let you relax.
    find the best and do It again

  14. Alice says:

    I received Auditorium as a gift; the registration code in the email (the link) didn’t work and now when I try to register or say I’ve lost my password, I’ve got nothing.
    I tried emailing you guys, as has the person who purchased Auditorium for me, and nothing. Can I get some help?

  15. RobertP says:

    Hi! The bundle is great, my girlfriend bought it for my birthday and I really enjoy the five games I’ve been able to download. There is just one problem: the download for Aztaka failed to complete many times and now the download link has been removed due to suspected fraud. =(

    My girlfriend and I’ve both mailed the service for suspected fraud, but we don’t know if our mails have reached cipher prim since we’ve had no reply.

    Any tips?

  16. Charley says:

    If you had Auditorium up on Steam I would buy it in a flash. I love indie games, but i don’t want 100 different accounts for 100 different games. Taking example from this bundle, I’ve already bought Eufloria, Machinarium and Osmos from Steam. Either way I hope you continue with your success

  17. Concerned Citizen says:

    Ok, Cipher Prime I love Auditorium. I played the beta and bought it when it came out. If I had an iPhone, I would buy that app, too. I bough the indie bundle. I’m subscribed and try to keep tabs on Fractal. But, and I say this as a fan, you guys need to keep us more informed! I would be nice to see at least updates on Fractal, ya know, not going 2 months without a post. I know that designing a game is hard and takes a hell of a lot of time (and I don’t know about your personal lives so, I apologize if necessary)? Also, what ever happened to the Auditorium soundtrack? I am exited for it! I love the music in Auditorium, and still check to see if it’s been released! Anyway, I’m not trying to bag on you guys, but just asking, as a fan, what’s up? Oh, and I like the dynamic calendar button on the bottom. So thanks for reading my little monologue, and keep the the awesome work!

  18. Limo says:

    Hey is there going to be another indie bundle? I’m waiting for the next one. I missed the last one and would love it if this bundle was available again.


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