iPhone Update Bug

We are currently having a bit of a problem with the latest update of Auditorium on the iPhone. This bug only affects you if:

  1. You already own the full version of Auditorium on the iPhone
  2. You already own additional level packs of Auditorium on the iPhone
  3. You upgraded Auditorium within the past 24 hours

If you are among the people who meet these three guidelines I apologize, but it seems like your DLC content will not work at the moment. That said, we are working with EAMobile and Apple right now to get a fix ready ASAP. I will let you know as soon as this issue is resolved. If you meet these requirements and have not currently updated I would hold off until we’ve given the word.

If you are purchasing Auditorium on the iPhone for the first time this update will not affect you at all and you shouldn’t have any problems. Please accept our apologies while we are working to resolve this bug.

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  1. Extremeone says:

    This update totally broke the game, I can’t play it at all now. It crashes after it gets past the cipherprime logo.

    I tried restarting the iPod and deleting the game and re-syncing, but it isn’t working.

    No, the iPod is not jailbroken. Yes, I have tried connecting to a WiFi network.

    Is this a separate issue??

    Or is it the one referenced here in this post??

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  2. Zen says:

    same problem. though, i deleted the game and redownloaded it and restored purchases. so far so good 😉

    only problem: i lost my entire completed game file. i’m currently in the middle of redoing act 4…

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