iPhone Releastravaganza!

We’re thrilled to announce that Auditorium is finally available on the iPhone (This is the US link, search for it in your country)! It’s been a long time coming, but we think we’ve got something here that is true to the original. If you get it, be sure to rate it and leave a comment! To celebrate, we’re running a competition:

How to enter

  1. Complete Act 4, level 3 of Auditorium on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  2. Take a photo of yourself, grinning, holding the completed level on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  3. Send the photo to iPhoneParty@playauditorium.com
  4. If you don’t mind, tell us your name so we can congratulate you on the site.
  5. The first 50 entrants will receive a free copy of Auditorium Online


  1. The level must be clearly visible in the photo. We need to see it’s the right one, and that it’s completed.
  2. You must be clearly visible in the photo. We need to see that you’re a real person, and that you are grinning.
  3. The photo should be a plain image attachment, or a link. Zipped, Rarred, Tarballed, or otherwise bothersome entries will not be considered.
  4. We have the right to reproduce and publish your photo for promotional purposes.
  5. We won’t redistribute your email address, or use it for any purpose other than sending you your prize.

Thanks so much to everyone that made this possible. We hope you enjoy it!

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  1. RJ says:

    I’m considering buying the game just to be able to listen to the music on my ipod. 🙂 Any news on a sound track? Congratulations all the same!

  2. L23 says:

    Awesome, I’m downloading this now, I’m was somewhat surprised that you guys published it through Electronic Arts though. Anyway, I’m sure it’s just as good, I hope I beat the game in time!

  3. Simon says:

    Well, that was fast. Great!
    A reason I find to get an Ipod! Not that I really use cellphones anyway, but hey, I could carry the game around now.

    Out of curiosity, what happens if you already own auditorium on-line and win a free copy?

  4. Immano says:

    Grabbed it as soon as I saw it on the AppStore. I already had gotten the site version but real life can take away what little time you’d think you could spare on such a great game. Hopefully having it on the go will fix that up.

    One minor nitpick: I know this is probably up to EA and you guys don’t have a say, but I’m not American and I’m stuck with the localized language, and for me that’s pretty unnerving, the game clearly feels like it was written (well, what’s written in it, anyway) with English in mind. You wouldn’t be able to relay a suggestion for an option to select the language in any form that would be more effective than an email to their support, would you?

  5. Drew says:

    Well done! I bought it as soon as I got to a wifi connection yesterday. I only spent 10 minutes or so with it so far, but it’s looking great.

  6. Nic says:

    Superb Game I must say! But please explain why the game is so short? Only five acts to play…. hmm thought this might last a little longer than the free online version. Currently I don’t have Internet on my iPhone therefore I cannot check how much the other acts are (are there any to buy in the game?).

    Sorry for the nagging I think that’s EA not you guys (or is it?)


  7. Dorian Grey says:

    Yay, so everybody who has already submitted has won? Great news! 😀

    Auditorium is truly a piece of art … and nothing less. The music and graphics are awesome and fit together so well, that playing the game becomes a wonderful experience. I heard about Auditorium some time ago and on release date I played the online demo and when it became available in the local iTunes Store I immediately bought it. The price was neither cheap (considering the App Store’s prices) nor expensive and I expected some hours of great gameplay. After finishing the first act in less than 10 minutes I got a bit uncomfortable. At this point I also discouvered the ingame store and my uncomfortable feeling became stronger. It kinda felt strange having bought a “not cheap” game that one can obviously finish in less than an hour (!!) while seeing that I could easily extend the far too short experience by investing the same amount of money I already paid. And yes … the EA boot logo reminded me of many similar experiences I had to make with EA games on Xbox and Playstation.

    I really WANT to like Auditorium, I WANT to recommend it to all my friends, because the gaming experience is so awesome! But the price tag and the length combined with day 1 download content somehow ruined it for me. I’ve always been a fan of digital distribution, especially since the App Store – but this really is the first time I kind of feel a little cheated. 🙁

  8. will
    will says:

    Ugh. This stinks guys. We really didn’t have much say in how the release was handled. I still think the full game for 6 bucks is a great deal though. The download packs are by far a much better experience than the initial download. We’ll certainly bring up your concerns and see if there is anything we can do.

  9. Charlie says:

    This is awesome. Even though I already own the online version, I am thrilled to have this on my iPhone so that I can show my friends what an awesome game this is! I also have to say that you guys did a great job on converting this to the iPhone. In fact I like playing it on the medium even better than the online version. I also can’t wait for the soundtrack release! Do you have any estimates to when that willbe available. You at least have one sale waiting right here.

  10. Fuzzbinn says:

    A few questions:

    1. Is there any chance that you guys will be (re)releasing the Autumn track you gave out to the donators? I’ve been dying to hear it, but, alas, I wasn’t one of them…
    2. You mentioned a while back that there were plans for user made levels and a level editor… any more info on that or was that idea scrapped?
    3. Also a while back, you mentioned the addition of the demo season levels to the full game, or updated versions of those levels in the new game, any info on that?


  11. Krystal says:

    So I’m not exactly sure what picture you needed – I took the one showing I beat the game, and then the Menu option of the levels… erm, I hope it’s alright!

  12. Joseph says:

    I bought Auditorium when it was on sale for $2.49AUD and i love it so much! I felt rather disappointed when i found out there was only 5 acts, but that was quickly fixed when i went and got the rest of the current content packs 😀

    Also, why does the Auditorium Lite app have the Winter act, while the full version seems to have omitted it? I don’t suppose it will arrive in future DLC?

  13. Joseph says:

    Submitted my entry 😀

    @Dorian Grey: Yes, I’ve experienced that many times buying other EA apps. Rock Band for iPhone was, disappointing. The timing was off, and the tracklist was tiny, not to mention the music store is quite barren. I also just bought Red Alert, thinking it would bring back some nostalgia, but instead ended up with a crash prone game with barely any content. DAMN YOU EA. FIX THIS UP NOW >:O

  14. Joseph says:

    oh, and one last thing.

    my picture appears to be a bit blurry, but the solution is clearly visible. is that okay with you guys?

  15. will
    will says:

    Thanks to everyone who submitted!! It was amazing seeing all the fun faces you made!

    If you have not received an email telling you that you won or not, please shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you!

  16. Jessica says:

    HOORAY, It’s finally come to the iPhone! I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner. Has the contest actually ended yet? Someone said it ends when they get 50, but (it might just be my lack of sleep) I didn’t see that they had reached 50 yet.

    Anyways, thank you for coming out with an iPhone version! 😀 You guys rock.

  17. Anthony says:


    iTnes doesnt allow me to purchase Auditorium 🙁 Tells me that “This item is being modified…”

    What should id do?

  18. dan Hewitt says:

    Argh, you cant get it in the uk itunes store =[ bloody apple/ea .. how come you guys cant release it on your own without EA? all they do is take a cut of your money :/

  19. Brice says:

    Is the act 4 part 3 thing still going on? If so does it have to be that level? I beat up to act five part 3 without realizing it is that ok?

  20. Kai says:

    LOL I finished all Levels on iPhone and Online… but I dont want to win this great game, cause its so good that its worth the money

  21. Aidin Abedi says:

    I would buy “Auditorium for Android!” in a heart beat. I love playing fun & relaxing puzzle games on my phone (there aren’t that many good ones). On PC however there are too many other AAA games and other stuff to be done.

    Adobe has more or less built-in support to easily port flash apps to Android. So please, your missing your biggest market and consumer group, like me. Android has a 59% world smartphone share.

    • andrei
      andrei says:

      Hey Aidin, we’ve definitely tried some of the push button porting that you’re talking about, but the game still needs a good deal of optimization for mobile devices.

      That is the bottleneck, and we’ve had to shelve the idea for now. We’re actually working on the sequel to Auditorium instead! cipherprime.com/kickstarter .

      We’re still interested in Android though, and it’d be cool if you fill out this short survey about your devices/marketplace use: http://cpri.me/IF0IIi


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