Publisher Competition

Hey everyone!

I have great news! Auditorium is a finalist in 2beegames publisher competition. What does this mean!?! If we win, they give us 10k and a publishing deal. Which means we could have Auditorium on the Playstation 3, XBOX, or Wii soon enough.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! For the next couple of weeks there will be voting over at for what games stay in the competition. If you’d like to see us on another platform, please go sign-up on their site then click on the little image in the top-right that says ‘click here to vote for your favorite.’ Right now we’re not doing so hot, because our game hasn’t been working on their site until today. Please help us catch up! Your our only hope!

Thanks sooooooo much!

There are a lot of cool games on the site to checkout, even if you don’t vote it’s worth checking out the other games.

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  1. SuperMoose says:

    I just voted, 🙂 And it looked like Auditorium is winning by a massive, massive land slide. 60% of the vote as of five minutes ago. Way to go Auditorium! You’ve got my support always! xD Keep sending those emails and I’ll keep ‘remembering’ to come back.

  2. Simon says:

    –coughs a couple of times–
    Ahem. Are you sir trying to tell me you *need* to *catch up*?
    You’re ahead by a huge 52% of the 2nd most voted game!

    …That’s great!, and evil, but great!

    Anyway, you have my support. Hope you win.

  3. Ddavid D. Gardner II says:

    Looks like the voting on 2beegames has entered a second round, and so far Auditorium is behind by a fair amount. It’s a new week, though, so we can all vote again. Just saying. . . . .

  4. Simon says:

    Stupid flash player… it won’t load any of the videos…

    Aaaaanyroad, as Gardner the Second mentioned, Auditorium is behind by a fair amount. You guys should send some more e-mails.

  5. David D. Gardner II says:

    Indeed, we must keep in mind that every week only the two games with the fewest votes are eliminated, which means that we must remain vigilant for another month if we wish to see Auditorium come out triumphant. We’re in third so far this round, so as long as we stay sixth or above, we’ll be alright. Here’s hoping!

  6. will
    will says:

    You guys are doing so awesome, but it is as David says. We need to hang in there one more week. I believe it’s 3 rounds, so next week we’ll have to push as much as we can. I can’t thank you guys enough, thanks so veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh!!!!! Hopefully, we’ll have a good shot at getting published.

  7. Paul says:

    So looks like round 2 is going down. Auditorium and one other game have 23% of the vote each, and there’s a game with 26%, putting Auditorium (at least) in the top 3. I’m sure that’ll be enough to get into next round. Make sure to send out another email blast if you start falling behind. The last one did wonders 😀

  8. will
    will says:

    You guys are doing great! Thanks for all the support. Looks like we’ve made it another week. I talked to the 2beegames guys, seems like the competition is 4 weeks long so we’ll just have to keep pushing!

    Thanks so much!

  9. Neil says:

    It’s round 3 and auditorium is in the lead at 26%

    Keep on voting. Can’t wait to see this game on wiiware! 🙂

  10. will
    will says:

    Yep! Looks like we’re in for the last round. My understanding is that week 4 is the last week of voting! Yay!!!!

  11. will
    will says:

    Yep! It looks like they are in the lead. If you have an account don’t forget to vote again. They clear the votes every week. This is the last week so this is for all the beans. If you can spread the word I would really appreciate it, any help you can give is greatly appreciated!!

  12. will
    will says:

    Yay!!! Let’s hope we can keep it up till tuesday. I think all the finalists have great graphics. Gameplay wise,storm was my favorite. Heresey wars looked good, but I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I could see flight sim lovers eating it up though. I guess I just prefer “simpler” games. 🙂

  13. jjmcmullen says:

    Vote in … and it’s looking good. Hope you guys bring it home. I love the game …
    Bring it to PS3 and I will LOVE IT MORE. Playing on the big screen, with full stereo will ROCK. Well, you know what I mean.

  14. SuperMoose says:

    Less than 12 hours to go, and Auditorium is in the lead with 64% of the vote. 🙂

    On the home stretch, good luck! 😀

  15. FinalOmegaS says:

    What is it about these PS3 fans, it should be released on as many platforms as possible. I can’t possibly see this give this small team that much coverage. PS store best sellers are mostly older PS1 games =/


    this game deserves to be available to everyone.

  16. Bonofieli says:

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