Auditorium Unlocked and Best in Class

Heya! So, San Fran was just fantastic, as well as a real eye-opener. More than anything, the GDC renewed my hope for games. The independent talks that went on were just fabulous. It was also great being able to sit down and talk with some great people such as Brad Borne, Tyler Glaiel, and many others. I can only image the kinds of games that will be created by all the talented people we met.

Any who, let’s talk a bit about Auditorium Unlocked! We’ve been discussing the idea of locking and unlocking levels in games and we’ve decided it’s junk. So, we figured we might as well just put our foot in our mouth and unlock Auditorium. Hopefully, this won’t upset anyone too much. For a trial period, you will be able to go to any level in Auditorium at any time. We want to hear feedback, so please voice your opinions and concerns! On top of that, we also added a link to the Act Complete Stage once you complete an act. Keep in mind, now that you can freely roam, you still need to complete all the levels of an Act to unlock the Act Complete Stage. So, clear your cache, hit refresh, and let us know what you think about the new changes!

Best In Class - Interactive Media Award

Finally, I wanted to announce that the Auditorium site has won an Interactive Media Award for Best in Class in the area of ‘Games Playing.’ This is a tremendous honor. This ranks our site up there with the likes of the beautiful BioShock Site. To be honest, we couldn’t be anymore proud!

Stay tuned guys, we have a lot of exciting things happening soon! If you’re in the Philadelphia area, I will be down at theGXL gaming event this weekend throwing a tournament and playing some games! Come see me and say hello!

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  1. liv says:

    Sweet! Now I can listen to act 8 without wracking my brain trying to remember how I beat the final part in the first place. ;^^

    I’m really liking the ability to play a later level and revisit an earlier one if I’m stuck. 🙂

  2. Nemoricus says:

    For some reason, no music is playing when I select the Act Complete screen. Also, the cymbal crash and drum roll should only play if you move from the last level of an act to the act complete screen.

    That said, this is a great feature that I’m really glad to see implemented.

  3. Jon says:

    I like adding the act complete stages, but I still think that later stages should remain locked until the earlier ones are completed.
    However, since I seem to have hit some bug where no progress past 8.4 is saved (I’m getting really tired redoing 8.5 repeatedly to see if it’s fixed) it’s nice to be able to try the higher levels now.

  4. Cynic says:

    As a matter of interest, the email notification you guys sent out about this was sent twice simultaneously.

    Not that I dislike having you bunch sitting in my Inbox xD

  5. Lesha says:

    Cool game! 🙂
    It was very fun to play demo last time.
    Now it was easy. I think too easy.

    Have not found how to skip levels.. Need I register to do so?

    Also I do not like that blurred rectangles flashing after level complete. It was better with normal rectagles (with gorisontal lines) or without any – just particles flow. It’s nicer.

    Music is nice, but too simlpe.. You notice it repeats almost instantly (bass especially). Could you make some random deviations to it? Same way you do random particles.

    And it would be fun if music changes in Acts.

    I like new Act complete pages 🙂

    Could you make that particles will magnetize to mouse on “act complete” pages? It will be like in “particle fire” screen saver. Fun to play.

  6. Joe Shirley says:

    Glad you’ve unlocked the levels. I had gotten stuck on one level, (the last stage), a couple weeks ago, and it just wasn’t worth it to me to keep pushing on that one level. So I quit playing.

    Now I’ll be able to skip around and enjoy the game more. I’m sure at some point I’ll come back to the one I had trouble with and it’ll just fall into place.

    It’s how I live life, too.

  7. xikorita says:

    heh im at the last 2 lvs of 15, is that the last one? It is good to be able to listen to the lvs sounds, liked it

  8. odobo says:

    For less than ten quid – this absolutely rocks – and so addictive!!!

    Damn you auditorium – productivity drastically reduced, need to stop playing, the lights, the lights – there so beautiful !!!!

    Well done!

  9. Thomas says:

    This game is more then what i’ve come to expect. I figured it would be a hit and miss, starts good but then quickly adds new featurs which ruins the game and makes it bland. LUCKILY, you’ve done the complete opposite and made the game even more amazing then it already is, please continue adding new features, and sometime soon, even I’m going to buy a coppy of it.

  10. Grunt says:

    mmmm Not sure. unlocking everything (except stage complete) defeats the purpose of the game. I have been steadily working through each act quite happily learning each new effector and how they work with each other. I dont want to be able to just jump ahead.
    I know I can keep playing the way it was but I know i can skip a act now, thats not fair.

  11. Meg says:

    I agree with others who found the blurring squares reiterating on completion to be distracting. It makes the ends of the loop of music and motion quite visible, so I can see exactly where the loop repeats, and that detracts from the “endless flow” sensibility of the game that is so appealing. I’d rather have the flow moving seamlessly to the music, which also moves more seamlessly without the visual representation of the audio loop.

    I also haven’t seen anything that allows me to skip to another level yet, so am not sure whether that is something I like or not.

    This is wonderful to play and experience!

  12. Immano says:

    Great news, and due congratulations!

    You know what would be nice now to add to the game? A favicon! Let the favorite/bookmark/Desktop Link we all love to click have a proper Auditorium look!

    Best wishes!

  13. Marketing Someone says:

    Are you guys gonna put a sample game of auditorium on . There is this game called jam legend dot com . It’s a great game and was going nowhere until it posted a sample game on Kongregate which then drove traffic to jam legend. Consistent crazy traffic that continues to grow for them.

    Well just a marketing idea that might facilitate your continued success!


  14. Terry Rempel-Mroz says:

    Wonderful idea – play it almost every night – but get stuck because it freezes at least once in every level – what’s up with that?
    Would be good to have a tech support contact when one has paid for the full version :0(

    Love it regardless

  15. Daniel Barkalow says:

    I like the idea of being able to skip to any level, but I think it would be good if the default was the first level you haven’t completed, instead of the first level of the game. (This matters extra because only the normal start seems to go to full-screen for me, and the performance is a lot worse in a window.) Firefox 3.0.8, Linux, flash 10.0 r22, if it matters.

  16. Landorie says:

    I like the unlocked stages and the act complete stage is very good because sometimes I like to just go back to a certain stage and listen to the music. On that note, is it possible that the Winter stage be added to the game, or at least the Winter act complete stage? I really love the music for Winter.

  17. Jan says:

    I L O V E the game…but have completed Act 5 now FIVE TIMES!!!!
    Even after completing Act 5 and starting Act 6…when I come back in…I am back to Act 5:3 wayyyy to frustrating

    Back to the World of Goo for me

  18. Elizabeth Monahan says:

    Unlocked would be great if I could even get it to play. It used to work. Now I only get Act 1, scene 1, and nothing happens.


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