Updates Ahoy! Awards and Stuff!

Right then.

So we have weeks worth of updates to give! Like Will said, we’ve been pretty much slammed with customer support, and just got back from an awesome week in San Fran for the GDC. We met a ton of cool people, and we’re psyched to be back with a ton of new game ideas that you’ll hopefully get a sneak peek at soon.

The award looking awesome in our office

The award looking awesome in our office

Oh yeah, we were lucky enough to win Most Creative Game of 2008 at the first annual Flash Gaming Summit! I… don’t really know how that happened actually, but whatever — it looks awesome in the office.

Thanks so much to Mochi Media and the FGS — and of course, all you guys that made this possible 😀

Moving forward, we’re going to have new features and announcements coming up really soon, so keep checking back!

P.S. For those of you waiting on the soundtrack, things are moving forward…

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  1. SuperMoose says:

    Awesome job on the award guys, you rock; and deserve it. I was unable to vote, but I am glad you got something either way. I look forward to new, exciting content. 😀

    Triple Thumbs Up!

  2. Forte says:

    Congrats on the reward!

    A question regarding the soundtrack: I haven’t gotten through all the acts yet, but I’m under the impression that some of the music in the demo isn’t in the [present] final game. Will that music be in the soundtrack?

  3. Me says:

    Awesome – on the award! It is very deserved. This game is addicting. I cannot wait for the soundtrack! Any estimates on a delivery date?

  4. Taylor says:

    Great news on the soundtrack. Much looking forward to that. I would also like to say that the music in the demo, if not included in the final product, would also be very welcome in the soundtrack. Thank you.

  5. will
    will says:

    Don’t worry about the music from the demo so much guys, we’re working on an update for that right now! More news soon!

  6. jjmcmullen says:

    Luck has nothing to do with it. You’ve got talent and you deserve it.

    Bring it to PS3 … I’ll buy it again.


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