Mochis Finalist!

Hey guys! It has certainly been awhile. We have been working our tails off with Auditorium Customer Support and the prototype of our new game (we’ll get to that some other time). But, the most important news we have right now is being a finalist in the Mochis Awards at the Flash Gaming Summit in the category of Most Creative Flash Game!!! This is quite an honor for us, being chosen from over 700 nominations.

On top of being a finalist, we also have a chance at winning the peoples choice award! If you like Auditorium and would like to see it get more acclaim you can go vote for it here to show your support. We’ll be flying out to California soon for this event then heading over to the GDC. So, if your in the area drop by and say hello!

One last thing, some users had been mentioning some levels taking a long time to solve. We published an update for this a few weeks ago, so if you still experience the problem please let us know. At this point, that should be completely resolved and never bother you again.

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  1. Anon says:

    I wish you guys had posted this earlier. By the time I checked the link (still on the 17th) it had told me voting was closed

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Prototype of our new game…” does this mean you’ve already given up on improving Auditorium or adding any of the suggestions your fans have offered up? Level designer, chapter end improvements, auditorium forum? I sincerely hope not.

  3. will
    will says:


    Not in the least. We are still working hard on Auditorium and will have some more announcements on that front soon. Auditorium is our baby and we’re going to make sure she grows and flourishes!

  4. Kage56 says:

    Awesome, if only i had the money to buy the full version…
    it’s not that i don’t but i don’t have the means of paying since i don’t have a c.c. nor a paypal account :


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