Important Release News

As everyone has noticed, the full release of Auditorium has not gone live yet. After completing development on our local copy, we began migration of the new system on Thursday morning. Little did we know this would launch the longest work day in Cipher Prime history — a staggering 72 hours straight of non-stop work from 10AM Thursday through to 10 AM this Sunday morning.
In this time, we were beset by all manner of development demons, including uncooperative servers, a few over-eager fans, and all the ravages of sleep deprivation.

The disappointment for us is that, after all that effort, we still do not feel that the full release is quite up to our standards.

Auditorium means so very much to us and we don’t want to disappoint you, but we also feel it is our responsibility to learn from the past — and if the punishment our servers took when the demo was dugg is any indication, we’ll have quite the storm to weather. In order to better manage the traffic that we’ll (hopefully!) receive, we have decided to do a staggered release:

[ February 3rd ] 11AM EST – Auditorium will go live, and the full-version will be released directly to donators. Donators will be notified at this time with an email and authentication codes to pick up their copy.
[ February 4th ] 11AM EST – Auditorium will be released for purchase by the general public.

By staggering the release, we’ll make sure that everyone who purchases Auditorium will not get a degraded experience due to server load.

We cannot apologize enough for not going live on Friday, but we are only a two-man team, and despite what the little voices tell us, sleep is actually a good thing.

We have tried our very best, but we must humbly ask for your forgiveness and hope you enjoy the launch early this week. Thank you for your continuing support.

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  1. BioRules says:

    Hey, no worries guys. I WAS freaking out about it not being ready, but now that you have explicitly told us it will be up on the 4th (for me, sorry I didn’t donate before you took that away), I can wait a little longer. I just hope my schoolwork doesn’t suffer TOO badly from playing this 😉

  2. XannBlack says:

    Whoo-hoo! I’m with you guys all the way. I hope you’re getting the rest you need, and I thank you for your tireless efforts.

  3. Stephen says:

    Oh yeah! Get some sleep and then get some more. You’ve earned it? You guys are, and this is not hyperbole, the greatest people to have ever walked the Earth.*

    *May contain trace amounts of hyperbole.

  4. Yang says:

    Having to wait a couple of days longer is next to nothing. In Australia we’re use to having to wait months if not a year for games to be released after the rest of world. Surprised you could even write this post after a 72 hour stint.

  5. John says:

    It’s cool guys, None of us really mind waiting for the final release of the game.

    Two people working that hard deserve a little leeway to make this the best game possible.

    What did you mean about a few “over eager fans”?

  6. Patrick says:

    Hey, good work takes time. We get that and understand because you guys are awesome! And a ‘few’ is an understatement. 😛

  7. Billy says:

    >What did you mean about a few “over eager fans”?

    Probably something along the lines of:
    : Different version of this same message sent every 5 minutes or so.

    I totally understand! I started to get a bit worried when the site showed as under maintenance for two days, that maybe something had gone wrong. Can’t wait for the release! 🙂

  8. Stephanie Grace says:

    Wow! I love Auditorium. I am a 43 year old single mom with NO time for playing around and I stumbled across your site and two days later I had managed to squeeze in several hours of this beautiful puzzle. I am looking forward to more…soon??? I have told several friends about you and every one agrees- this is awesome! Thank you!

  9. Paolo says:

    Hahaha, yeah, I’ll be waiting! I’ll be honest though, I was one of those eager fans….hope I didn’t contribute to the proverbial wrench in the works. 😛

  10. 1863 says:

    If I’m understanding this right, the primary concern is that the servers won’t be able to put out the amount of bandwidth required for everyone wanting to play the game at once – then why on earth won’t you make it a downloadable app that uses some sort of online authentication every so often? We don’t all have endless amounts of bandwidth – and I’m sure your servers don’t either. It’s just so staggeringly illogical, and will hurt more than help in the long run.

  11. Nathaniel says:

    Darn… I learned about this game just a few days after the donation window closed or I would’ve donated. As to the question of why not make it downloadable… that’s a whole different beast of beta testing… it’s not as simple as you might think.

    Get some sleep guys, this level of genius takes a lot of energy…

    PS. Is the demo mirrored anywhere so I can still play that?

  12. Joe says:

    I have been anxiously checking the board every few hours for the greatly anticipated full version. I can’t wait to buy the game… it’s finally a game my fiance and I both enjoy and can share!

    Keep up the great work!!

  13. Giovanni says:

    I feel betrayed!
    (Not really)

    I know how hard it is to get something you’ve poured so much effort into up to the level you want it to be, and how it never feels quite good enough, that you’re worried people will be disappointed and all I can say is this: you guys have done an amazing job thus far, just keep at it until you feel confident about your product and remember to relax yourselves a little, eh?

    I’m sure, no matter the wait, the game will be worthwhile so good job, Cipher Prime, I can’t wait to purchase.

  14. GunnerElite says:

    Sorry i was one of those eager members…. good reason too….. AUDITORIUM!!!!
    come on… loved the demo… donated and everything and now this!!!

    jokes aside i cant wait for the release, on the 4th? hopefully 😛
    Just think… when you complete Auditorium… the cash… the women (???? women ???)… the fans… the parties…

    anyhow keep up with the work… but dont stress cause we will wait for it to be improved… if you think you can do better… then we can wait.

    Adios, GunnerElite.

  15. Alan Stock says:

    Remember guys, sleep and personal well-being is much more important than a few days of slippage, in the grand scheme of things!

    Much respect to you for the project as a whole, and I wish you the greatest success for a simple, innovative and well executed game idea.

    A bit of advice – a good night’s sleep will do much more good than toiling for over 24 hours – you just end up making more mistakes and functioning so slowly that a bit of sleep will correct!

    Good luck and I’m looking forward to playing the full version!

  16. Pierstoval says:

    Wow, I’m happy to see that Auditorium will be back in less than one week ! You are a two-men team, but you are good in your job !

    I love this game, and I still can’t wait to purchase it. Oh, how does Auditorium cost ? =)

  17. Nathaniel says:

    Just a thought… after you get the release done… since we’ll need a place to exchange levels and talk about how much we love this game… can we get a forums? Heck, I could even set them up for you (I’d do it for free!). I’ve run sites for people and installed phpBB3 for them many times.

    But then again, its not to hard and you guys are so good you could probably do it in the blink of an eye. God, I can’t wait until its the 4th.

  18. Relee says:

    Wow, I had no idea that the Auditorium game I played was unfinished, or a demo. I’m disappointed since I hadn’t finished it, and I was going to play some more today, and now I find out it’s not really done! Gosh.

  19. Sebastian says:

    As far as I’m concerned, you can release the game a week from now as long as you two are well rested, focused and feel the game is up to your standards. Indie developers are making a comeback in the gaming arena, showing that you don’t need to be a multi-million dollar gaming company to deliver on innovation and you two have showed that in spades. I played your game in the middle of an apple store on one of their very large displays with bose speakers and had half the store eyeballing the screen within 5 minutes, to which i proudly promoted your product and its website. You’ll be sure to find me purchasing it the second its up and running. Congratulations Dain and William.

  20. Nomie says:

    I await you… Each day I come to check the innovations…. ah, auditorium *-* (Good rest, good continuation ….. I love you guys! ;] )

  21. Robin says:

    Please consider this as being optimistic instead of pessimistic, but given the degree to which I expect you guys to get clobbered, I doubt a one day stagger is going to cut it. I hope you two have your hip waders ready ‘cuz you’re going to be flooded in no time.

    I donated $10 before I had even finished the demo, or realized that it was one, and I’m very glad to have been able to support you two in at least that small way. Besides, I got at least $10 worth of enjoyment out of the demo. Getting a free copy of the full game is just… I can’t even think of a word. Thanks again.

  22. Jenn says:

    I just wanted to add my voice to the others to say that you have done such a magnificent job. Auditorium is like no other and it is absolutely magical!! Thank you and I look forward to purchasing it when it is ready. Ignore all those frantic gamers who need a life! 🙂

  23. dude? says:

    This may sound like a dumb question but will a free version still be available for those who don’t want to pay the $10 fee?

  24. Jovet says:

    Thanks for the update guys! (Let us know how many marriage proposals you get! hah)

    “A dumb question is a question you already know the answer to, but ask anyways.” – Me. So, your question isn’t necessarily dumb.

    I’m sure the demo will return once the revamp of the site is completed. I am also sure they know that they can make a lot more sales of the full product by providing a demo, so that prospective buyers can see what they’re getting first. Will the demo be the same or different? Who knows.

    I do know I am having a bit of Demo Withdrawal, though. It was tiding me over until the full deal. 🙂

  25. abby says:

    I Love this game. makes me wish i had donated so i could get the copy at least a day early :P. oh well. I’m looking forward to the release of this game. just one thing: How much is it gonna cost?

  26. Scott says:

    “We are ecstatic to announce the release of Auditorium for the low price of $10.99! The full version is the culmination of over 7 months work resulting in an incredible 70 plus levels spread across 15 acts.”

    $10.99 for people that wanted to know the price ;p

  27. will
    will says:

    Looks like paypal gave us the wrong transaction ID’s guys. Hold in there, we’ll have them in just a few minutes and you’ll be up and playing in no time.

  28. Tim says:

    I just got the e-mail for the full version. I was really surprised to get it; I didn’t expect it. This game is incredible — I first discovered it when Penny Arcade linked it and I wanted to support you guys (and get the audio track) so I donated the $5. I never expected the whole game.

    You guys created a really impressive game. If you keep making games this good, I’ll keep doing my part to support you.

  29. Jenn says:

    I forgot that I donated and look what I found in my email this morning! With a sick day already in hand, guess what I will be doing today! 🙂
    Cheers and Congrats!!

  30. Eric says:

    Dear Lord, guys!

    This game is beautiful and massive!

    Who else has to fight with themselves to click to go to the next level? Listen to the music VS Continue playing the game…

  31. Robin says:

    Concern: In act 3, stage 4 I’m not hearing any sound from the lowest, left-most container. It lights up just fine and when used in conjunction with the others it works okay, but there’s no sound on its own that I can hear. Anyone else seeing this?

  32. Nemoricus says:

    Hey, in the demo version, it seems that the yellow color in Act Three was mistakenly left as white. It’s rather jarring to see the normally colorful Act Three look so pale.

  33. Mindways says:

    *applauds* Go take a well-earned nap. (Well, OK, maybe after the open release is dealt with. At least schedule one?)

    The full version looks lovely, and I greatly appreciate the ability to pause post-completion!

    One minor thing I noticed: the sound-pieces seem to have a slight hitch/gap when they loop, which I didn’t recall from the demo? (This may just be that my memory has edited them out.)

  34. Robin says:


    Nope, you’re remembering correctly and perceiving correctly. That kind of shocked me a bit too.

    Hey, devs, just a note — It would be really nice to be able to keep experimenting after a completion as well as just pausing. Experimenting is at least half the fun here and it gets locked in place once it completes. Just sayin’.

    Geeze I love this thing…

  35. Cameron says:

    Hey, just wanted to say I got my copy since I donated $5 a while ago.
    But I havent got the audio track for Autumn, please solve this. Thank You.
    It’s Great the the game is finally released!

  36. Justin & Faye says:

    Loved your demo, spent a few hours playing it through then played it two times more just because I liked it that much. But now I’m playing your complete version and I’m having some technical problems.

    1. The game isn’t letting me pass when I’ve filled all the bars, notably in last scene of each act is either lagging really badly or just not registering correctly.

    2. Is not really a problem but a preference which is let the scene change automatically after some time. And have a clear glass sound like in the demo.

  37. Lawl says:

    Er…I was just wondering, whats the use of audio containers becoming squares in the demo? It’s kind of weird for me so could you please remove it?

  38. Bobby says:

    Hey guys, starting from the 5th (which is the 4th in USA), I will be at somewhere without internet access for almost a month! That’s why I was hoping for the release on the 30th. So I won’t be able to play unless I am connected to the net?

  39. phee says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to say I love the full release, but every level starts with the arrows in place to auto-solve the levels, which is very frustrating. Was this intentional?
    Thanks =)

  40. will
    will says:

    Hey guys.

    We are working as hard as we can to fix any and all issues you’ve mentioned.

    If you are seeing walk through mode, that is a mode we use for testing. I would assume you visited the site while it was down and we were working on it. Clear your cache and refresh. You should be fine. If that is not the case, please email me.

  41. will
    will says:


    We have sent many personal emails on top of the automated ones. If you email us asking for a reply, it would be nice if you’d check your filtering first.

  42. JP says:

    Checked my filter and still no email. But I know many email providers by now (at least here in Germany) block emails that were send from none existing “no-reply” addresses (Reject Unverified Sender). That might be the problem.

  43. Bluemage says:

    I got my e-mail, set up a username and password, logged in, and still cannot play.

    When I try, I can see the Cipher Prime logo and the Auditorium title sequence, but as soon as I try to start the game, it jumps to fullscreen, and stays completely blank. I’ve tried clearing my cache, but it hasn’t solved the problem.

  44. will
    will says:


    We are experiencing a bit of lag at the moment due to the release. However, it seems like it’s working fine over here. How does the demo play for you? They both use the same system.

  45. Robin says:

    I’ve been playing it fine (more than I should be) today but I couldn’t hear one of the containers so I logged out and back in and now it won’t load a game. It stays on the black screen whether I leave it to go (to start over) or click on my last position.

    You guys have got be getting crushed today. Please tell me you got some sleep!

  46. Bluemage says:

    Well, it was earlier today. I had a saved game on the demo, and it came up immediately. Now that I’ve cleared my cache/cookies, it’s taking about 2 seconds longer than it used to. I assume this is the lag you mentioned.

    The full version just doesn’t continue, though. It’s not frozen- I can still go between fullscreen and small-screen- but it won’t start a level.

  47. Bluemage says:

    The full version is still doing it. However, the demo now loads a new game immediately, instead of after a few seconds.

    Sorry this is giving you so much trouble.

  48. will
    will says:


    Send me an email and let’s talk it through. Everyone else who wrote in about the problem has confirmed it fixed. Maybe there is something more we can do.

  49. Jovet says:

    I had the “black at first” problem for a while… tried logging out and back in and such. But then I ended up just letting it sit a bit, and it started working. No troubles since.

  50. Bluemage says:

    My laptop loads the game without a hitch, except for the fact that it’s not good enough to play it well.

    I won’t be able to get at my desktop for a few hours (RL and all), but I have a few ideas. I’ll send you an e-mail after I try them.

  51. will
    will says:


    You can run the game in different quality settings. Also, we’re working on some options so players can choose their own EMBED method. This will allow people to take advantage of hardware support if they have it.

  52. Bluemage says:

    I know- it was chugging on Medium.

    Oh, and I restarted Firefox (reloading my tabs instead of resuming with them), and now my desktop is playing it just fine.

    Thanks for all your help, and for all the time you’ve put into the game. I love the concept, the music, and the gameplay- in other words, the whole game. I was especially pleased to see that the first acts of the full version aren’t the demo acts- I feel like I’ve gotten 18 acts, instead of 15.

    Thanks again for everything you’ve done. I can’t wait to buy the soundtrack!

  53. Nemoricus says:

    The full version is pretty cool. Great job guys.

    However, it would be nice if there was a way to access the Act Complete screen directly. Will you think about adding this?

  54. Neil says:

    I signed up a while ago for the mailing list and suddenly stopped getting updates on this. I never even knew when the game was released! Also how do you set up a username and password? And is the music for the first act coming out for download? ’cause that’s my favorite. Great game guys! 🙂

  55. Bluemage says:

    It’d be an elegant way to be able to listen to the complete act themes, which would be nice- after all, the music is half the point.

  56. Nemoricus says:

    A big part of the reason I got the full version was to listen to the music. Being able to access the Act Complete screen at will after completing an act would make doing that much simpler.

    Please consider adding this feature.

  57. Ether says:

    It’d be pretty good to get into the act complete screen directly.
    The music is the best of this game 🙂 I hope we can get the soundtrack soon.
    Thanks for making this game!

  58. Eric says:

    I was wondering about the Act Complete part too. That would be wonderful.

    Also, thank you guys for emailing the copy of Autumn, it’s beautiful. Went straight to my iPod. I totally forgot about getting it; I was too busy being immersed in the game to think about it.

  59. 1863 says:


    I was stuck there this morning, for a looooong time. Then I came back later and got it in one go … only now I can’t remember how. Lots of swirlying! 7:6, 9:4 and 10:5 are really evil (stuck on the last, and completely approve … I don’t know if it was just from so much playing the demo but the game was feeling way too easy.

    I think my favourite moment so far was 10:1. I just sort of sat there for a second, completely dumbfounded. I miss Winter though 🙁 I’ve never heard / seen Autumn, I must have started later.

  60. Jovet says:

    I think the colors of Act 7 are the best and the music of Act 11 is the best so far. I’ve been trying not to rush through the game, but it’s too tempting to see what’s waiting around the next corner!

    I think most of the levels are either pretty easy or pretty hard. Act 1 is different, but still seems like it’s a “primer” that could be omitted since it’s covered by the Demo. I’m currently stuck at 13:5 which really makes me think “WTF”… hah. The previous “hardest” level for me was 12:4.

    @Al @1863:
    Yeah 10:5 is tricky…I’m sure my solution is pretty unorthodox. But it worked. For 7:6 I ended up making a “big” reverse-S curve with loop-around. I don’t remember how long that took me.

    I found that for the ones I get stuck at, if I walk away from it for a while and come back, I can usually solve it pretty quickly. Many of the stages can simply be “read” by looking at the positions of the colors and meters and just figuring out where the flow needs to go. (That is what makes the Demo easy.) But many of the paid levels do not work that way.

  61. Trent says:

    Fantastic game- I’m thrilled to play it.

    Thing is, how can i save the levels i completed? It seems that i have to start over again after I finished a level or an act. Right now i played act 1 completely, logged out and came back later, and now the game wants me to start over from act 1. Or do I have to go through all acts at once?



  62. Jovet says:


    For the full game, once you log in, scroll down below to where it shows all the levels. You can click any thumbnail (completed) level or any light grey level to switch directly to that stage. It doesn’t seem to skip back to where you left off automatically.

  63. Al says:

    I am still embarrassingly stalled out at 7:6 has anyone put up a page or posted a walk through anywhere? I’ve been working on this for 7 or 8 hours.

  64. GZ says:

    Any tips on 9.4? It’s the thorn in my side this morning, one hour’s passed and I’ve still got two color boxes to fill with no clue how!

    Also Will/Dain – have you guys considered setting up a message board of some sort for fans to discuss the game (fav levels, music, solutions, etc.) instead of replying to blog posts?

  65. SteelWolf says:

    I am so stuck on 9.4… It’s embarrassing but I have probably spent a couple hours over several days trying to solve this level. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

  66. GZ says:

    @SteelWolf 9.4 took me a while also, I’m dying on 13.4 at the moment so I sympathize. As for 9.4 my solution was this (I’ll explain it the best I can):

    Start with the swirl, make it as large as it goes and place it roughly at the center of the screen. This should get the stream to fill the blue container on the left plus the blue part of the blue/yellow container on the left.
    Next take the right arrow and position it at the top of the blue swirl you have going so that the swirl extends and does two things- 1) breaks the yellow barrier and starts going into the wormhole on the right side, and 2) swirl gets large enough to fill the blue container on the right.
    From here the stream going into the right wormhole should come out yellow from the left wormhole and take care of the two yellow containers on the right. The last step is to make the left arrow almost as large as possible and position it on the bottom right corner of the screen so it bounces left/upward the excess stream and that should fill the white container.

    It’s tricky and messy but it should work. Also, fair warning pal, 9.4 was a cinch compared to a few coming up 😉

  67. peggy says:

    hi guys ! EXCELLENT game – beautiful AND challenging! I bought the full version and I am wondering if you will be putting this game onto CDROM instead of having to come online to play? I don’t always have internet access or it’s limited, and I do love your game.

    congratulations on your successes – and looking fwd to seeing what you do w/ the changing seasons!

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