2008 Puzzle Game of the Year is Live!

You heard us! Over at JayIsGames we were lucky enough to be named as Browser-Based Puzzle Game of the Year. We cannot even tell you how much of an honor this. Hopefully, the full version will live up to the hype. But really, thats for you to decide. We have done our absolute best to make the full experience a massive upgrade from the demo. We’ve incorporated things like a level selection tool, saved solutions, optional level advance, and free-roam act completion, along with graphical and ambient enhancements. You play the game, your way. However, this is just another checkpoint for us. We’re planning on continued development for Auditorium to make it the absolute best it can be. So, we want to hear what you think. That way, we can make the game you want to see.

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  1. will
    will says:


    If you’ve got the window selected and are hovering over an item. Hit the ‘tab’ key. See if that’s what you’re looking for.

  2. S Goodspeed says:

    Superb game! It’s been a while since I’ve played a game this good for this great a value. I love the optional level advance system, its something all puzzle games should have. No game of this type should be an exercise in frustration. Great job, and good luck on all your future endeavors! I’ll make certain I’m along for the ride.

  3. Joel says:

    I bought it as soon as I heard it was out. It’s great, I love this game! I really like how when you beat a level, an image of it is saved so you can see what strategy you used to beat it. I’m challenging myself to find a way to complete each level without using all of the “directionals” provided hehe.

  4. Anon says:

    I’m gonna buy this as soon as school settles down, which won’t be for another couple weeks, unfortunately. One thing, though, I also would really like to be able to buy/download the soundtrack. That was the thing that made the demo really something special, in my opinion.

  5. Mindways says:

    Congrats!!! I’m having a lovely time playing.

    The only really big thing I’d like to see (er, hear) is gapless audio looping, the way it originally was in the demo – the hitch when the samples go back to the beginning makes the experience much less tranquil/mesmerizing/organic.

    Some website UI issues that might be useful to address:
    * Currently, if you type in an incorrect password, the “Forgot your password?” link is gone – just when you need it most!
    * Currently, when you click “Forgot your password?”, the form appears beneath the flash play-area, but the page doesn’t scroll you to it – so if your browser window isn’t tall enough for you to notice the change, it seems like nothing happened.

    Other thoughts, of vastly lesser importance:
    * Tweaks to buff up performance certainly wouldn’t hurt. I’m using a relatively recent 8-core Power Mac, and it still starts getting a little jerky when I’m dealing with large-area controls; I’d imagine it’d be more so for those with older computers.
    * Would it be possible to have a preferences page where one could set, eg, what items vanish/don’t vanish when a solution is found? I wouldn’t mind leaving the color-changing circles in.

  6. BioRules says:

    I had been waiting months since finding out about this game to play the full version. When the release date came around I bought the game and began to play, though with some remorse that I had already solved the first three demo levels so many times that I could breeze right through them. Imagine my delight when I found that the first level kept it’s music but changed every puzzle, so I had all new challenges with a familiar background. The addition of the “left click to move forward” option was also amazing to me, letting me listen and watch for a while before moving forward. I eagerly completed level one to see how level two’s puzzles had been changed. With astounding joy I discovered that not only were the puzzles new, so was the music! After only the first three levels this game is already worth far more than the $13 Canadian I had to pay for it. You two have taken the near-perfection of the demo to your game and made it many times better than before! I heartily congratulate you and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

  7. Jovet says:

    Will & Dain,

    I would also urge you to reinstate the Donation system, so people can donate above and beyond the game’s cost, if they so choose.

  8. Steven says:

    There seems to be some progress saving issues. It’s happened three or four times now that I’ve finished a portion, log out, log back in, and find that the last couple acts that I solved aren’t accessible =/ It’s especially frustrating on levels that I have to spend a while tweaking to get just right.

  9. John says:

    I bought it as soon as it went on sale and beat the first 6 acts.

    I’m currently stuck on act 11, but everything about the game so far is incredible.

    I really (REALLY) love what you can do with the shield ‘gem’ when combined with the rabbit. It’s makes some spectacular designs.

    My only complaint is that I accidentally solved a level (I apologize that I forget which one) by moving an attract gem across an audio level.

    I absolutely love it and thanks for making this awesome game.

  10. GunnerElite says:

    Just downloaded the song autumn.
    Nice Work Dain Saint.

    Love the game, havent finished it yet though 😛
    Also as said above by Jovet you might want to reinstate the donations due to people might want to donate in the future.

  11. Peter says:

    Have you made any considerations about getting this game on Steam?

    Not that I don’t trust you guys, but, I would feel much more comfortable about purchasing your game there, plus, its a lot easier to “manage” games when they are all just available in the Steam client.

  12. 1863 says:

    Really loving the game so far. Best of all, I’m completely stuck on a level, which makes me very happy! The difficulty curve is great so far (got to 7 before I started getting stuck, and then am completely bogged down at the end of act 10 now.) Hoping the later levels will combine all of the elements slowly being unveiled so far!


    – Offline version. Being stuck in a browser sucks, no matter what game it is. Maybe some sort of Flash client that authenticates or something.

    – Adding the demo levels at the end of the level select list for full version players. Demo2 (Winter) is still my favourite music track, and it’d be nice to pick those levels somewhere along with the full game levels.

    – Soundtrack! (with the demo tracks too)

    – Being able to choose Act Complete, but soundtrack would solve that *hinthint*

    – Super high quality version >.> I suppose this would go hand in hand with an offline version. I know a lot of people have problems with High, but some of us don’t, and it’s a beautiful game. If I jump up to full screen it looks kinda chunky now.

    – I love the option to sit at the end of the level before continuing, just to listen, but allowing movement after the level is complete would add a lot more, so we could continue experimenting. On a similar note … the new box … things once a level is complete look a bit blocky/odd. Would it be possible to simply leave those as the containers and let us carry on messing with them after the option to finish the level appears?

  13. Robin says:

    Add me to the list of people who would like to donate again. I got the game by having donated from before but frankly you guys deserve more.

    I’m also with the “let us keep exploring after level complete” camp and the “soundtrack please” camp.

    I must have missed something ‘cuz I haven’t seen any way to get the song download.

  14. Steph says:

    @ Robin

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but if you still want to play around on the same level, you can re-visit them after they are completed as many times as you want. You just click the little picture of your saved solution down below and you can either solve it again (and it will save your new solution) or just mess around.

  15. Jovet says:

    I have found several “silent containers” but I usually ignored them. When I didn’t ignore them, logging out and back in made everything work okay.

  16. Pat says:

    Sadly, I can’t get the game to play after purchasing. My problems have led me to notice that there are no support options anywhere on the site, which is kind of annoying.

    So I guess I’ll just post it here:
    I get the Cipherprime splash video OK
    I get the Auditorium intro/ambiant video OK
    When I click on the game, or try to select a level box below, it goes into full screen mode, but loads nothing. I just get a grey screen.
    If I log out, the demo works just fine.

    This may be a firewall issue, however there is no information on your site about any custom ports that I would need open to play.

    I really want to play this game. 🙁

  17. GZ says:

    I’m having the same issue as #22 and #23 (Jason and Pat); the demo is working okay for me as well. I was playing earlier today (just 2 or 3 hours ago) so this is some glitch affecting the game right now.

    Any ideas when this will be fixed?!

  18. Matt says:


    Hey I was having the SAME exact issue on my gf’s PC, so I was looking aorund, checked JAVA script and it wasnt enabled. Enabled and it’s saving just fine now!


    How long are you waiting in fullscreen? The game can take awhile to load, depending on server traffic i noticed. Hit esc and see if when you are in the premium version if it is still transferring data. If it says done then it might be something else… Do you have flash nine or higher? I am sure they are probally considering the option of throwing up a help section.

  19. Joe says:

    Yup, seems to be down for lots of folks right now. I’m actually getting work done (/gasp) waiting for it to come back up. 🙂

  20. Ian says:

    Oh no, javascript errors FTL.

    [Exception… “‘Error calling method on NPObject! [plugin exception: Error in Actionscript. Use a try/catch block to find error.].’ when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]” nsresult: “0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)” location: “” data: no]
    [Break on this error] $(“#header .blocks”).addClass(‘team’);

  21. David D. Gardner II says:

    @ Jason Alexander

    They do personally read when they have a moment to do so, and respond to all pressing issues. Their entries are marked by their names in red, italicized. Worry not, good sir, your cries do not fall on deaf ears!

  22. dain
    dain says:

    Hey all,

    We seem to have fixed the latency issue — clear your cache and give it a refresh, and you should be good to go!

    We ABSOLUTELY read this blog — it’s our connection to our fans! Also, our direct email addresses are available on all of our websites, we have a feedback form over at cipherprime.com, and we have several other emails we can be reached at — support@playauditorium.com, team@playauditorium.com, billing@cipherprime.com… so we aren’t too hard to get in touch with ;-).

  23. Jademalo says:

    Hey, Love the game, just having one.. well MAJOR problem frankly. Someone must have logged on to my account literally 30 seconds after i had made it, and played thriough the game slightly faster than me. Im going through everything, and when i beat a level, i get a null image (red x) but before that all levels in the act are showing as completed.

    This really is an urgent problem frankly because it spoils all of the fun.

    any help? =/

  24. will
    will says:


    We did notice you paid. Please check your email, if you have not received an activation email please reach out to Dain or I personally.

  25. Trystan says:

    Same problem over here, paid with paypal and still no activation email!!

    I hates waiting! Oh well, hopefully it comes soon.

  26. Daniel says:

    I’m having issues with the stages taking a long time to finish, even though all the boxes are full. Sometimes it’ll take as long as 2 minutes, even with a constant stable flow going through ever box.

  27. will
    will says:


    We’re working on that issue right now, however we are having problems recreating the bug. If you have any hints for us, please let us know so we can solve it faster.

  28. Daniel says:

    I’m presently running Vista Ultimate using the Google Chrome browser. It seems somewhat random. Sometimes it’ll have no problem at all. Other times it seems to not register that the stage is complete until I move something, exit full screen mode, or switch to another tab in my browser and back.

  29. Jovet says:

    It’s only taken a “long time” for me a few times, and I figured that’s because it was filling the meter slowly while showing it full before it actually is.

    Just so you know, several times I’ve completed a stage and never got the reverse-cymbal sound.

    I also figured out something about my full-screen focus and right-click menu problems: (Using Firefox 3.01) If I have more than one tab open, the game right-click menu “freezes” up (never draws its text). Sometimes I can get rid of it, sometimes I have to kill Firefox. The full-screen window is quirky too; with more than one tab (or browser window) open, switching to full screen requires Alt+Tabbing to the full-screen window in order to get it the focus. (That might be a Flash thing, though. Flash 10.0 R12.)

    Great game! Now stuck at 14:4! Arrg!

  30. John says:

    Hmm…I’m having the account issue as well. I payed awhile ago, and I have yet to get an activation e-mail. If it makes any difference, I’m using Windows XP and Firefox currently.

  31. Talash says:

    Awesome that the game is out now. Had to buy it as soon as I heard, and I’m now waiting patiently to get the email.

    Guess I’ll go finish a little more of World of Goo. 🙂

  32. ben says:

    Earlier, I had the same issue mentioned above (containers filling up but never completing the level). I eventually just re-navigated to the page and everything worked fine.

    One thing I noticed though: when I was having the problem, the address was http://playauditorium.com/game (there might have been a #). I navigated to http://playauditorium.com, signed in, and started playing.

    When I re-navigated to the game, by pressing ‘Play Now’, I was at http://playauditorium.com/game/index/1

    Maybe that makes a difference? The level I had issues on was 3:5.

  33. ryan says:

    Might be a stupid, far-out question, but is there any chance of this coming out for the iPhone, iTouch, or download for a console aside from computer? Say, XBL Market Place?
    I’d buy it and recommend it to other people, but I’m sure that it would be a hastle to get it all in order.
    Again, just a question.

  34. David Ellsworth says:

    I immensely enjoyed playing the Auditorium demo. After beating all the levels, I went back and challenged myself to beat them without using all the Controls (i.e., leaving one on the sidelines where it had no effect). I saved a record of my solutions using screenshots. I challenged a friend to play Auditorium this way, and compared his screenshots with mine. Granted, this all happened in one day (November 22), but it was lots of fun. The feature I most wanted was saved solutions, because screenshots were error-prone (press it too late, and the board would already be fading out).

    I was not chosen to be in the beta program, so swallowed my pride and waited patiently for the full version to be developed without me, hoping that my suggestions would be listened to anyway.

    I was quite happy to read the “What do I get?” description of the full version today and see that it incorporated saved solutions. This was the deciding point for me on whether to buy the game. I learned that the saved solutions were just pictures (rather than loadable game states) by reading this blog entry’s comments, but I went ahead and bought the game anyway because pictures *can* be used to reconstruct a solution (all you need to do is align the picture with the browser and flip back and forth, adjusting the Controls to match).

    I’ve subscribed to the full game, and now I see that the pictures are just tiny thumbnails! Please, adjust this feature to save true 830×467 solution pictures. Thumbnails cannot show the subtlety of a solution that leaves out one Control and just barely manages to fill all the Containers. Thumbnails cannot be used to reconstruct a solution, especially not a tricky one that requires pixel precision. A trail of thumbnails does not meet my minimum expectation of what “saved solutions” means.

    I’m very excited to play the full game, but I want to wait until the saved solutions feature is satisfactory. I’d really love to have a pristine archive of my very first solutions to the new levels; I’ll never get that chance if I play now!

    P.S. I notice that solving a level that’s already been solved overwrites the old solution. This can easily be worked around by right-clicking and manually saving the picture to local hard drive before playing the same level over again. I’d be happy to do that if only the pictures were 830×467 rather than a tiny 133×74.

  35. GunnerElite says:

    If that song “AUTUMN” is supposed to be for donators then maybe you might wanna secure it? it’s kinda just there to download… i mean i could give the link to all my friends and it will still let them download it for free… thats sorta like hosting a music file for free when it should be bought… maybe wanna fix that…
    FIX IT OR PEOPLE WON’T BUY IT CAUSE THEY CAN GET IT FOR FREE… its worth the buy mind you… i donated so… fix it fast. sent an email about it too. gw guys 😛

  36. Robin says:


    Yep, I was aware of that. It’s quite a bit different to have to re-play through a whole level and make tiny adjustments to make very sure you don’t “accidentally” finish a level than it would be to be able to just be finished and then continue to explore how things react/interact. That’s not to say I won’t be replaying the levels, though… 🙂

  37. XorD says:

    Thanks for this amazing little software! I would love to see it on Xbox Live Arcade. Are there any plans to publish it on a plattform like Xbox Live Arcade? I´m sure that this would be very succesfull! Reminds me of Braid…

    Please email me. Thx!

  38. Daniel says:

    After playing more (and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it), I think I may have a lead on what is causing my completion lag. I just finished 10:5 and it took something around 5 minutes for it to register that, indeed, every box was full. I’m currently waiting (after a couple minutes now) for 11:1 to load. I’ve attempted refreshing the stage and the entire page itself to no avail. Thus, I believe that the lag in stage completion might be related to lag times between my computer and the game’s servers (the entire site is loading a bit slow for me at the moment, this blog included). Could such a loading issue create that kind of lag in the game?

  39. Sash says:

    I just love this audio-visual gaming experience.

    @ Daniel

    i have the same issues, when i switched from fullscreen to window the game continued, but maybe it was just a coincidence. Possibly you can also force the game to continue if you change the quality of the flash-view, i havent tried it yet, but its the next thing i´ll do if the game lags in the end of a puzzle. maybe it works..

    anyway, great game

  40. dain
    dain says:

    @sash, daniel, et. al:

    We’re looking into the container filling issue; for the time being, a temporary fix is to change tabs, scroll down, or otherwise cause Flash to be hidden for a moment. We’ll get a patch out for that bug as soon as possible.

  41. Michael says:

    I bought the game yet I didnt recieve the activation email, I checked my spam folder and I emailed the billing list that paypal gave me. So I’m at a loss as what to do right now since there seems to be a lack of support outside this comment thread.

  42. Michael says:


    I sent an email 2 days ago and I’ve yet to get a reply, so I’m wondering if they actually check the emails or not.

  43. zenpun says:

    Gratz on the release. Really enjoying the game so far. Very nice additions since the demo… pretty much everything I’d hoped would be added. Thanks!

  44. Joe says:

    I am very interested in purchasing the game, but I live in a really internet-poor area, so I would like to know if there will be a downloadable version of the game, so I can play all the time…. thanks in advance!

  45. shma_ says:

    @ Jovet (59): I’m also stuck at 15.3, but I’ve come very close to beating it. With some more tweaking I think it can be done. I’m very curious if there’s any special reward for beating all the levels.

  46. Steven says:

    I don’t want to come across as unappreciative and uncomprehending of how much work was put into this game by you (two!) guys. I don’t regret donating. It’s generally wonderful and fascinating, and when I finish a section, I end up being mesmerized by the pretty lights. But as it stands…

    This game is unplayable. Everything was fine during the donators-exclusive period. After that, I’ve got to end up playing the same section four, five, six or more times to get it somehow register that I’ve beat a level and have that status “stick”. If I play a couple section, close the browser window (or the browser crashes, or I logout) and log back in, it seems 75% of the time, I’ll lose my progress. And not just the very last section that I played, oh no. I lose 2 or 3 sections.

    I’ve tried it on three different computers right now, of varying specifications and operating systems. I don’t know if it’s a matter of server capacity, some communication timing out or signal that never gets there, or what. Whatever it is, it’s killing my enthusiasm to finish the game.

    @Matt: it’s not a javascript issue; I’ve never turned it off, and I double-checked just to make sure it wasn’t off (it wasn’t).

  47. Steven says:

    Ok, I think I’ve figured something else out. It has to do in part with how long I’m taking for the section. 13:5 has been taking me forever to line up just right, and when I finish it, it doesn’t save. Right now I just nailed it in 30 seconds (luck? muscle memory?) and it saved. If I remember correctly, other sections that wouldn’t save also had the similar issue with how much time I spend on it.

  48. Ether says:

    Please, make Winter and Spring playable on the full version, I love Winter music 😀 and I’d love to access the act complete screen from the menu, sometimes I just want to hear the music. Thanks!

  49. HeLLiON says:

    Hey guys! Just dropping in to tell you how much I appreciate your development on this awesome game. I have been enjoying the full version. Good job on everything!

    Also, I think you should re-instate the donation button. I have no need to buy the game over and over again but want you to keep up the good work.


  50. Jeremy says:

    First let me congratulate you on completing a simply wonderful experience. I love the game more than just about any AAA title out there.

    On suggestions; during the Act Complete stages it would be nice if I could select multiple boxes to play simultaneously instead of the single mouse-hover style it is currently. That way I could enjoy all my bass notes without those pesky high keys getting in the way 😉

  51. Chris says:

    So I am very stingy when it comes to paying for games. There is so much for free out there, that I really have to be pleased or impresses. Oh and if my 3 year old can play then that is a bonus.

    My last actual buy was Peggle. Son loves it.

    AND this is a really cheap (price) for a game… and I REALLY enjoy playing it. BUT the only thing I feel is missing is a level editor where all of us paying customers can post our own created levels so that I never have to run out of game to play. I devoured the demo in a day and I know I will just grind through the remaining levels if I buy the game.

    I have looked around SOME of the forums (for a while now), but I have never seen a post on this. Is there any chance of allowing US to create levels in the game in a secure location that all “paid subscribers” could go to and maybe even have a ranking for the quality or at least which levels are played the most. Make a unique level, give it a name that no one has used. Look on the web site to see if there are any new fun levels you have not played. THAT would be a strong community. Maybe even some ambitious folks might create new loops for the background sound track. There appears to be a strong following here and I would love to be a part of this if it were an active community that does more than talk about how fun the game is…

    Guys? Any chance of this? If I could hear a very serious “that is the next step once we get all the bugs worked out”, then I think I could buy the game today. First to support independent game makers, but second to have unlimited new horizons to try and play month after month. I would even pay a micro transaction in addition to the game cost to be ON such a forum where we could play each others levels.

    Please try to comment on this or post the location where comments have already been made on this issue. I am sorry if I missed a conversation about this already.

  52. shma_ says:

    I just finished the game and wanted to thank you guys for making it. Count me in among those who are asking for the act complete screens to be unlockable.

    And if there’s any one else here who’s beat the game, I want to know what you did for 15.3 because my solution was definitely not the proper way to do it.

  53. Jovet says:

    I just finished it too (after taking a day off from trying yesterday) and I must say there were really 4-5 stages that were just murder. 🙂

    The last two stages caused me to loose the rest of my scalp hair. I’m very impressed! Fantastic game. I suspect we’ll be seeing more levels sometime… and I seem to remember that a level editor was talked about at some point by one of you. Act-finished-listening-rooms would just be just one of my suggestions, too.

    @shma: my email is the same as my “name” on here followed by an at sign followed by a “cox” and then a “net”

  54. Patrick says:

    Ha! Funny thing I just noticed on 11:5, the initial placement of the given modifiers will solve the level, just have to increase the up arrow a little and wait (a LONG time). Also luck helps. 🙂

  55. shma_ says:

    @Jovet: I’m sending you an email with my solutions. I’m afraid that the best I could do was copy them off the level select screen, so you’ll have to zoom in to get a good view.

  56. Ember says:

    I’ve loved the game so far, only 5 more levels to go!

    If I can give two minor suggestions, it’s these:
    At the end of a stage, we get a lovely “whole” piece to listen to, a reward for succeeding. I like that we can put our cursor over each box to each each one individually, but at the same time, I’d like the opportunity to add each one on top of another, rather than only hearing one or only hearing them all. There’s a kind of power to building each that I miss.

    Also… would it be possible to give a level creator? Making it so the community can create some mind benders for one another, perhaps suggesting your favorite ones? That would be lovely.

  57. D says:

    the flash version on the front page killed my pc (stalled and thus i had to force reboot) when it was in full screen mode and i alt+tab to answer a gchat prompt. just so you know.

  58. Danny says:

    Just paid for it today and it’s worth every single cent you guys are charging and then some for that extra AWESOME factor that you just don’t find in many games!

    Haven’t noticed anything with it really, I never had ‘gapless’ audio playback in the demo so I never expected it here either just to let ya know.

    Keep it up guys & congrats on the award!

  59. 1863 says:

    A suggestion regarding Act Complete stages that people want to be able to select and play with: What if the flows on the act complete stages were tiny with a rabbit/down arrow on them, that could then be moved to play with the instruments? (Running only three tracks of five for example.)

  60. SuperMoose says:

    Hey guys, awesome game, I love it to pieces. The instant I got the email my yahoo flashed and said “Cipher Prime” and stuff… And within 10 minutes I’d bought the game. I’ve since been playing it roughly every day, whenever I get the chance. I was trapped on a few levels, 13.4 to be exact, for a good amount of time. The difficulty curve was difficult yet, ultimately rewarding in the end when it finally cymbals.

    However, I’ve too noticed the same progress loss a few times. Once when playing through act 14, I lost a few levels, but they weren’t too bad. I keep losing stage 15:3, as its not registering as a saved and beaten level, even after I beat it (which took about two hours of tinkering.)

    Now, I’ve got a perdicament. Im stuck on 15:4 with no end in sight! (I just went to make sure 15:4 was the level I talked about, and it appears 15:3 was saved this time, yay!) And yes, 15:4 seems soooo impossible! I know how to do it, I know what needs to happen, but I’m just lacking the tools to get it done. Either that, or the tools have the wrong colour! But… Perhaps I’m just not working hard enough, o.o lawl!

    Anywho, great game guys. I got my credit card the very same day you closed donations, and I logged on to donate just an hour after you closed it (what rotten luck!) but… Oh well, I bought the game, and it is amazing. Great work, cant wait to see what you guys do for expanding the content, 😀

    [[Agrees with level editor!]]

  61. Jacob says:

    Hey, Dain and Will. Just wanted to drop by to remind you guys how wonderful your game is, just in case you had forgotten.

    There’s one thing I thought I should mention that I had some trouble with. I don’t know if anyone else had this happen to them, but on two levels so far I had filled all the “containers” without much of a problem (they weren’t fluctuating which happens sometimes when you’re not hitting them quite well enough — there really wasn’t much way I could possibly be striking them more accurately) but it took a long time for the game to realize I had solved the level. The second time it actually took so long I figured I’d go grab a snack and luckily when I got back it had finally accepted my solution.

    Oh, and if you guys have the time, I think the game could always use a few more levels on the easier end of the spectrum. Levels with more than one or two solutions, that allow us to just mess around and see what kinds of tricks and combinations we can pull off.

    Thanks for Auditorium. Can’t wait to see where things go from here.


  62. Mindways says:

    I’ve run into the “level is solved, but it’s not being recognized” problem twice – and both times, if I right-clicked (to bring up the Flash menu), then left-clicked elsewhere (to dismiss the menu without choosing anything), then the level immediately registered as solved.

    This might just be a coincidence of timing, but if not, it’s a useful workaround for the problem.

  63. Drix says:

    Great job! Congratulations to all involved in this project!

    I have 2 problems though and I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced the same issues:

    1) The level completed are not saved after 2:4 … I’ve spent some hours to reach level 8, but now everytime I connect I can only start from 2:4.

    2) It’s impossible to go fullscreen! The only way to play in fullscreen is to double click on the main “play screen” immediately after loging. If I ever click somewhere else (like trying to start from a “saved” level), then going full screen is impossible

    I’m having these trouble with several computers, vista, XP, internet explorer7 and Firefox3.

    Am I the only one?

    PS: sorry for my bad English

  64. Jovet says:


    2. If the full screen window doesn’t receive the focus, you can press Alt+Tab to get to it. Try playing the game in Firefox without any other tabs or Windows open…full screen works as expected for me, then. Remember you must also have a version of Flash version 9.0.115 or better.

    1. Can’t help here, never had this problem.

  65. Eric says:

    I’m having the same problems a couple other posters. I’ve noticed that after the first few stages, whenever I completed a level I’d simply get the red x instead of the normal picture and I couldn’t progress, but only in IE. I started using Firefox and it worked fine.

    Now however, I’m not getting any sound at all on the later stages. I can load the early stages and it works fine, but some of the later, already complete stages have no sound along with all of the new ones (I’m on Rain right now). I didn’t see instructions on where to go for troubleshooting, so I figured I’d post here like the others.

  66. Sash says:

    sometimes i have the same feeling about, that some containers dont work.
    I just finished Act 14 and in the end it felt like there was one container missing during the act (i think it was the last white one in the act-complete scenario).
    Also i missed that touchè at the end of act 13


  67. Al says:

    Good lord, the game is either loading insanely slow or not at all. I’d like to take a crack at 15:3 before I gotta be productive for the day.

  68. Gaetan says:

    Awesome, the game is excellent. I have just played the demo and you have made a very original game, a very addictive one.

    I am interested in paying to have the other acts. But if I had the choice, I would rather pay to solve official levels and others made by us and stored in your website. When could we have a website to prepare our own level and submit it to the other players ?

    I think that it could be an interesting challenge for you to develop an application to create our own levels, and for us to make them as interesting as possible.

    You can add a system of notation to eliminate naturally impossible levels or too complicated ones.

    Sorry for my english level, I am french and not using very much english in my day life. I hope I have not made too many mistakes …

  69. likweed says:

    Yeah great work Will!

    The grey screen issue seems to be resolved.

    Thanks you very much, now i will look forward the level creation.

  70. peaseblossom says:

    Hey, just wanted to join the chorus of ‘this game is awesome’s! I’m a casual gamer, I got here via Jay is Games, and this is the first computer game I’ve bought in ages. It was certainly more than worth the money, and I’ve recommended it to all my friends. Thanks!

  71. Ahmed Negm says:

    It would be really great if you can add a level builder.
    I just want to say that this game ROCKS. The best game of its kind ever.
    Actually, it’s the only of its kind. :peace:

  72. John says:

    I recall you mentioning that an iPhone/iPod touch app was in the works. Is this still true? I’d be willing to buy that version as well.

  73. CaptPicard says:

    I know a couple of you have been asking for a forum of some time, and a place to discuss level hints and other stuff. With that in mind, I whipped this up in an hour or so:


    It is still very much a WIP, and I know it’s rather simplistic, but it can be expanded in the future. I know I didn’t get permission before doing this, so if it creates any problems, I’ll be happy to delete it with no questions asked.

  74. John says:

    Whew, beat the game. This game was quite amazing. Those last puzzles were awesome! I liked the nearly impossible ones that seemed so easy once you know what to do XD

  75. TriangleMan says:

    Hi. I’m really enjoying the game.

    Just wanted to chime in that I’m having the problem where the meters are filled to max and a level doesn’t register as complete. It seems like either it is a bug or perhaps the level isn’t solved when you get the meters to max. (Maybe you have to hold them there for a certain period of time or maybe a meter can have all the bars shown as full when it isn’t really 100% full.) If that’s the case, I think the last bar in the meter shouldn’t light up until you’ve met the requirement. That way if one meter isn’t quite making it then I’d know which one to work on. Currently, when all my bars are nice and solid fully lit up I have no idea what needs to be tweaked.

  76. CaptPicard says:

    Just an update on the forum I created yesterday. I’ve done some work on it, and am quite pleased with the result. It has areas to talk about Auditorium, post game hints, and other general chat and the games often associated with forums. Please register and we can get this ball rolling!

  77. Richard says:

    I found a fix for the “all levels are max but the game doesnt recognize it”-bug. if it doesnt recognize your full levels, then right click and press “set high quality”. works fine for my mac os x, dont know about XP….

  78. Landorie says:

    Great game. It would be nice if you could go back to the acts you completed and just listen to the music. right now you have to re-play the last level of act to listen to the full track. It would also be cool if you include the Winter act from the demo. I love the Winter music.

  79. Cibouletto says:

    I am addicted to this game, no doubt the best one since long time

    I am also victim of a bug. No way to record Transmission ACT 08. I pass it (not cheating) and I start the Sojourn levels. whaterver the quality (I tried the trick from Richard #107 comment above), no way to record the level passed after Transmission ACT 08, always back to it.

    any help ?
    Thanks in advance

    Windows Vista
    ADSL Link (no delay)

  80. Cibouletto says:

    Don’t know why but it worked under Mozilla Firefox, above comment was valid for AvantBrowser (IE-based browser). Strange.

  81. Baltrox says:

    I don’t want to be mean but for the price we pay you to play your Auditorium game : why does it have to be so slow loading levels?…Even when I’m connected to my account, I can’t load a single of my previous levels.

  82. Ryan says:

    Just wanted to let you know that this game is amazingly constructed. I played the demo and loved it and have now purchased the game. Thanks so much for making a truly great game. I know people have been begging for a soundtrack already and I just wanted to join that camp. The music really makes this game complete, and adds a lot of depth to the levels. Hopefully y’all will here our cries and give us someway to hear the music outside of the game. All in all a wonderful experience, thanks so much for all your time and effort.

  83. Nathaniel says:

    Have I mentioned lately… you guys are awesome… on another note, can we please have a forum for the site… to trade ideas, hints, levels, etc. Heck, give me the server space and I’d even install phpBB myself… You have a loyal fanbase and the only way we can communicate with each other or send you praise are in these comments… so can we please have a forum? Pleeeeeeaassseee????

  84. Warp says:

    Hi Cipher Prime !
    I’m a French web-user and, yesterday or during the week-end, a friend tell me to search for “play auditorium” on google and to try the game. He tell to me that I’ll fall in love of Play Auditorium for sure…
    He was right !

    Today, I’ve finish the preview version and ten minutes later I suscribe for the full.

    I realy love your philosophy and what you’ve created. I hope that Cipher Prime will make other awesome games like Play Auditorium.

    Ok, then, I’ve an act 7 to start !
    Congratulations for your work.



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