Improving Auditorium

Everyone has been giving us great feedback, so I’d like to touch on a few of the major ways we can improve Auditorium. I think you will be happy to know that we are going to implement an “Accept Solution” mechanism, so that players can enjoy their creations before progressing to the next level. As you can imagine, this is probably the most-requested feature.

Sneak preview of the Level Editor

Sneak preview of the Level Editor

Additionally, the full online release of Auditorium will include a Level Editor. We also have plans for sharing and rating community-generated content.

Another request that has come in a lot has been the ability to add your own music, and we are looking into how we can set that up without (possibly) violating copyright laws — pesky RIAA. You’ll have to keep your fingers crossed there.

One of the more surprising requests I think has been for a Color Blind feature — surprising, to me at least, because I’m happy to know that the game is compelling enough without it for you guys to both finish playing it and write in to us. We are looking to how we can best implement this feature, so some feedback from the community would help, like information on the best contrast ratios and color choices, etc.

Many of you have expressed concern that Auditorium won’t make it to the PC or the Mac, but fear not — the full version of Auditorium is being produced as a totally online experience, complete with community features.

Super-secret development screens of Auditorium: iPhone

Coming soon?

Many of you have also asked — pleaded, really — for an iPhone version, and we are actively looking into development on that platform. So yes, we are trying to find a way to get Auditorium on the iPhone. It’s still far too early to set a release date or say anything for sure, but you can stay tuned here for more news on that as it develops.

Last but not least, a lot of you are asking about the Auditorium soundtrack, and while I’ll write a bit more on that later, I will say that we are going to make a complete album with fully-orchestrated tracks available after the release of the full version of the game.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for your continued support as we keep working to make this the best experience on the web! Let us know if there is something we forgot!

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  1. Sean says:

    I can’t wait to see these end results. It’s refreshing to see game developers with such a pro-active approach to their products development; not to mention how novel this game is to begin with. Cheers!

  2. Ben says:

    I love the idea of being able to buy the soundtrack. This game has had me hooked from the very first level, and I can’t stop playing it over and over. I’ve even got people I work with hooked as well!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Seth says:

    Great ideas. I can’t wait for the full version to come out. It is truly addicting. The color blind feature will be very interesting! I was wondering though… in the full version, do you think that there will be different level difficulties? Now the shape of difficulty is changed within an Act as it starts out easy and gets harder, but then starts easy again. I like how you introduce an easy level at the beginning of each act to “self-explain” how the added functions in the act work, but for some more experienced players, do you think there could be a very difficult setting? Or would that manifest itself in the level editor?

  4. Adam says:

    Hi Guys! Simply wonderful and refreshing ideas in this game, I enjoy it a lot! A lot of music fans out there who love to do puzzles, and the graphic is also an eye candy :).
    Glad that lot of people already asked about the accept feature, that will make the game even more perfect, and will remove a great degree of fustration, whenever you want to listen to the complete scores, which are also great by the way.

    Good luck with the development, can’t wait to the release >).

  5. nicki says:

    for a color blind fix instead of having color circles only, you could use different shapes for different colors and place a tiny shape of corresponding color beneath the audio bar which needs to be filled. so like white= circle red = square yellow = triangle and so on. ;]

  6. Charley says:

    the color blind development sounds wonderful! obviously there are a lot of color blind gamers, but developers often seem to be oblivious to this fact. Perhaps one way to help some of us color blind people is to give the option to adjusting hues or even changing the colors of the streams to colors we can easily differentiate between?

  7. Bill says:

    I don’t have any suggestions, just kudos for you guys. Auditorium is a fantastic concept. Takes using both “sides” of your brain to solve it – you can’t do it on just logic or intuition alone. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on the net, and I’ve been on it since before the web was around. I’m not a late night person, but the first time I tried it, I was up til 1 AM. Keep it coming – I can hardly wait!

  8. Mike says:

    This is fantastic news! I must admit, when I played through the demo, I kept stopping just short of finishing properly so I could enjoy the music. I’m glad to see you are doing something for others who are like me! 🙂

  9. ryno mite says:

    the iPhone app would probably usurp the position for #1 app on my iPhone.

    Add a save state feature, and then you’d be cooking!

  10. Rick says:

    Great game, and I don’t play lots of web games. What I would like is the ability to choose the Act and Scene I want to play, rather than having to start over from the beginning on a new computer.

  11. Pompolic says:

    You’re doing great work with Auditorium! I haven’t seen such a great idea since ages. Just one question: what platforms will be the game on exactly?

  12. will
    will says:


    We are planning to release the game with a full play-out just like the demo does now. We will also be releasing an editors challenge, however we are working this out at the moment. But, we have a whole bunch of ingenious levels that were not added to the demo do to difficulty.

  13. Jay says:

    I don’t think we necessarily need to upload our own music but it would be really great to put the call out to musicians to make loops for the game and then the player could pick and choose the sounds they wanted. That would avoid rights issues.

    Keep it coming guys!

  14. Alex says:

    I see a few options for the colour blind problem.

    First I have to say that I’m happy to see you aren’t taking the easiest ‘solution’ and just saying “Screw you” to colour blind players.

    real options:
    1. As mentioned, use shapes rather than just pure dots. This could however get messy.

    2. As mentioned, allow users to self adjust colours to ones they can pick apart.

    3. Allow an option that cycles through each colour, fading all others out and intensifying the current ‘active’ colour. Mix this in the normal 4 beat time or whatever of your music (has been a LONG time since elementary band practices.) so it cycles in time with the music. Have the goal boxes, the colour change zones, and matching coloured particles all light up when it gets to their point in the cycle while the other colours fade out to nearly nothing.

    4. Add all above suggestions with toggles so users can mix and match what they like?

    Really hope to see the final PC version. I currently estimate about 16 final exams going poorly or completely failed because of the demo alone. (Really shouldn’t have sent that link to all my friends that still have exams to write.)

  15. paul says:

    It’s unanimous between me and my friends that this game is simply amazing. Awesome work guys, and I look forward to seeing a full version of this, as well as other innovative games from your studio.

  16. Zack says:

    It all sounds wonderful! I do have one suggestion, which is that a music creator be implemented (maybe as a rewards for completing the full game?). I love listening to the music, and being able to make our own (and share it with the community, perhaps?) would be simply incredible. Thanks again for the spectacular game. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I agree with Alex, (16) I should not have discovered this game before exams 🙁

  17. HalibetLector says:

    Hey guys, great game! I’ve already lost entirely too many hours playing this thing in the past 3 days 🙂

    I do have a question though: Are there any plans on open sourcing, or at least offering as a download, triangle?

  18. MalZenith says:

    I don’t agree with the “add your own music” feature, simply because it would be difficult to extract certain parts of the tune to play corresponding to each container. I would rather have a set of “bonus” tracks, unlocked maybe once every few Acts, to use in the level editor for our own levels, in addition to the music that was provided in the main game.

  19. Andrew says:

    Hey, it’s great that it’s online and cross platform – but please release this game to download as well! An 830×500 flash box resized to 1920×1200 just doesn’t feel right for this kind of experience, nor does the compressed soundtrack for uninterrupted streaming. This game is such an audio/visual masterpiece, it would be a shame for it to be ruined by implementation details.

    Also when do I get my special prize for donating? 😉

  20. Patrick says:

    YAY! Thank you guys so much for considering us color blind gamers! I’m one of the ones who requested it, but wasn’t sure of the possibilities. Like someone mentioned before, a simple shape placement would work just fine. THANKS AGAIN! You guys rule.

  21. Jovet says:

    I just hope you make a “Click to Proceed” feature only at the end of each Act…because it’s the same music through the whole Act, but the parts don’t all really come together until the last Movement. 🙂 Or, the option to turn such a feature off. Same for an “ambient music” feature…I would turn it off on mine. Perhaps monochrome mode as an easier skill level? hmmm, I guess I like the game the way it is, but I can see how others would want a few differences. Like if you’re colorblind.

    I think the fantastic thing about the game IS the audio feedback… such as while tinkering with a Force, you can tell if you mess up the existing Flow to other meters because their parts drop out. That kind of feedback is just simply sublime, and I wouldn’t want any persistent music to de-emphasize that.

  22. MikeJ says:

    I’m most happy about the release of the soundtrack, as well as being able to listen to your solution before moving on. That is the main reason I return to this game, is for the amazing music. I could put that on and listen for hours at a time, while reading, doing homework, etc. This is looking to be an amazingly popular game, for all ages!

    I will put some thought into the colorblind concept, but I’m thinking the easiest way (which could also be implemented into the colour version) is to make the Flow into not just strings of light, but shapes to show which colour it currently is (small triangles, circles, etc). Just an idea.

  23. Samantha says:

    I love this game and I think the improvements are awesome. I do want to heavily request that the iPhone version also be iPod Touch compatible! I’d cry if it wasn’t.

  24. Ustice says:

    A feature that I would like to see is a control tweak. It would be nice to use the mouse scroll wheel to increase and decrease the size of the orb influence. Keyboard controls would be nice too. Tab to switch orbs, +/- to change sphere of influence, arrows to move it.

  25. Bruce Brakel says:

    I am about as color blind as a person can be — both spectra, profoundly. My world is mostly yellow, brown and blue, but every color blind person has a different experience. What might be a pleasing mix of easily distinguishable colors for a normally sighted person might be three similar shades of yellowish brown for me.

    The idea of letting a color blind person choose their own colors is intriguing. It could be a drop and drag thing with color samples on the frame of the game. Or it could be a thing where you click on the bars and it changes to the next color in the rotation.

    So far I’ve been able to solve the color issues by experimenting before I begin the game in earnest. In some levels there is a shade of light blue, I think my daughter said it was light blue, that looks like the unfiltered color. There are a couple of colors in 3:4 and 3:5 that I cannot see but I can tell them apart.

  26. Morgan R. says:

    Have ya’ll been giving any thought to what method you will be releasing the game in?

    The Steam community propelled games like Audiosurf, and I for one would be more than happy to pay for the full version via a drm-free format that allows me to download the game wherever I may be signed in at.

    Let alone, the prospects of achievements in the game are pretty expansive.

    Wish ya’ll the best of luck,

  27. muteKi says:

    All of this is sounding really cool, and the things I’d like to have in there you do…except for one thing.

    I found it really irritating and difficult to select a single controller when they overlapped. If there was like a sidebar or something where I could select one or another that might help me make better moves with the right controllers.

  28. David Ellsworth says:

    The “Accept Solution” feature sounds great, and I look forward to it. This will allow the opportunity to take good consistent screenshots of my solutions. But what I’d absolutely love is the ability to save solutions to disk, load them later and watch them play out (some wacky, marginal solutions take a minute or more to max out all the containers), and share them with friends.

    As a protanomalous trichromat, I’m happy to hear you’re planning a Color Blind feature. In Acts 2 and 3 many levels used both #AAFFFF Cyan and #FFFFFF White together; the cyan looks almost exactly like white to me. None of the levels used #FFFFAA Yellow and #AAFFAA Green together, which was good because that combination is equally problematic for me.

    Since each type of color deficiency presents its own problem metamers (pairs of colors that are indistinguishable), I think the ideal solution would be to assign a Palette of no more than 4 colors to each Act, and allow the player to modify the palette for each Act individually. The alternative would be to force the whole game to use a fixed palette of 4 or 5 colors (any more than that, and it may become difficult to pick a set of colors that are easily distinguishable in any combination).

  29. Mark says:

    I’m colorblind myself, so I thought I’d point you to an interesting little tool I found (I think I snagged it off the color blindness Wikipedia article)

    for making color schemes, and it includes a whole bunch of filters for the various different types of disorders. Hopefully it’s of some use, depending on what solution you decide to go with.

    Oh, and I love the game. 🙂

  30. Spmwinkel says:

    I just subscribed to the RSS (thanks for replying to my comment on the first post asking about it, I rarely check back on blog posts to see if a reply has been made) so I can keep following this.

    I look forward to reading about the online progress, but I’m at least as interested in reading about how things progress on iPhone development (if you’d decide that it’s a viable option).

    Keep up the good work!

  31. JB says:

    A feature request: an option to save the solution. If you guys release the full game on Xbox Live Arcade, I would totally buy it! It would be fun to share solutions, as some solutions would be prettier than others and perhaps sound a little different.

  32. Nintendownz says:

    Yea, this game struck me as one that could be put on the iPhone, along with perhaps the Wii as well due to it’s simple point/click controls.
    Also, I’m delighted to hear about the “Accept Solution” button, as I did enjoy the music created and a few times would leave one out so I could continue to listen.
    Also, if a soundtrack was released, I think it would do rather well!

    And here’s a quick suggestion: While I don’t know anything about the RIAA, one thing I personally would really enjoy would be if the level editor had the ability to choose what type of sounds each block creates. That way we could mix/match the tunes from the game to create a combination of our own. I’m hoping I’m explaining this correctly, as explanations are not my forte.

  33. Fowl says:

    Just another bit of praise here! Love it.

    But (always a but;) my computer is a little slow (a64 3200+), so Flash particle ‘physics’ is a little much for it and it misses frames. I’d soo like this game where it could use my graphics card, etc. This’d be great in XNA – PC, 360 or Zune!

  34. Andrew says:

    One more comment, about the colour blind thing. I have a friend who is totally colour blind, not just red-green, he basically sees in greyscale. If you’re going to advertise the game as being colourblind-friendly (which I think is a great thing to do) make sure that you include more than just being able to tweak the colours, you’ll need something to do with shapes.

  35. Ivan Habunek says:

    You should definitely implement a “save solution” feature so people can show off their unique solutions. A good place to look for inspiration would be the Fantastic Contraption flash game which has this implemented nicely. Here’s the link:

    Great work. Looking forward to the full version.

  36. Shahzam says:

    Don’t make JUST an iPhone application! Also make one for Pocket PC’s because I’m hooked to this game and I think it’d work awesome with my HTC Touch Pro!

  37. Stephen says:

    This is exciting! And thanks for doing a color-blind feature. I’m only slightly color blind, but I had a little trouble in a few places. It was mostly the pastel colors close on the color wheel and in very small areas.

  38. Quinton says:

    Absolutely love this game/artwork/musicalinstrument. I had an idea for the persistent music idea. Just have a slight click track. It will keep the rhythm going in your head while you try to bring the instruments back inline. Again, amazing work guys.

  39. Andy says:

    A pause button! I’d like to be able to pause the game, in case it’s bogging down my computer, or in case I need to stop the sound to listen to someone else talk to me.

  40. Liam says:

    I keep coming back to fiddle with this game, over and over again. I can’t believe how in love I am with the slick combination of clean, clever design and the solid and smooth musical accompaniment. Or do the graphics accompany the music?

    As much as I would love to have this on my computer, I can’t help but think it would be even better on the go. The iPhone has been mentioned, but what about other handheld options, like the Nintendo DS, or PSP? It’s a lot of work to get these things onto other hardware, I know, but the thought of being able to take Auditorium on the train with me is just too good to pass up!

  41. Nate says:

    I really enjoy was I can play of this so far, quite beautiful. It would be really interesting to see multiple streams on more complex levels. I’m looking forward to see where this all goes.

  42. Nick says:

    Amazing. I’m not a games player and only came across this by chance, but have been hooked for the last few days. The fact there aren’t ‘right’ solutions and it requires some ingenuity and experimentation makes it fascinating. And it’s incredibly soothing and relaxing.

    Look forward to the main release. Thank you!

  43. Artie says:

    I love this game and can’t wait for the full version. I do hope eventually it will be made available for download (even if by purchase) so that you don’t need an internet connection to play it.

    Potential platforms for future development that could be good ideas to release on:
    – PC via Steam (Just look at Audiosurf)
    – Wii via WiiWare download
    – Xbox 360 via Live Arcade download
    – Playstation 3 via PSN download
    – Nintendo DS
    – PSP

    This game has the potential to do phenominally well on any of those. And many, if not all, of those platforms have ways that could allow you to save your own level creations and share/send them to friends. Or have new downloadable level packs from the publisher even, after its initial release. This is a perfect casual puzzle game that seems to get eaten up in today’s console market.

  44. Colby says:

    Great game! One of my co-workers sent me this link, and I had to force myself to go back to work after an hour of playing – I was that hooked! Kudos to all involved, and I can’t wait until the full version of the game and the soundtrack are available (I love the piano portion of “Winter,” very soothing). ^_^

    As far as a color-blind feature, I like others’ idea on getting to choose which colors to play with so that they can be easily distinguished. I’m sure those that aren’t color-blind would also appreciate the feature, simply so they can choose to play with their favorite colors.

  45. BIl says:

    Color-blind Mode would be fun, even though I’m not colorblind 😀
    You could use line textures for the different colors.. then make the color-changing hoops outlined with that same texture?
    Hope I made it in time for the beta 🙂

  46. Philip Bulley says:

    really great game!
    apart from everything else mentioned, only have two small tweaks.

    1) make the autosave feature clear from the beginning.
    2) double click to return to fullscreen (same paradigm as most video players)

    keep up the good flash work 🙂

  47. Silver Adept says:

    Finally made my way through the full demo. Quite the nice game. Am glad to hear of a soundtrack, and the ability to listen to the whole composition after managing a solution.

    One comment about gameplay so far – when using the attractors in Act 2 and 3, it was very difficult to generate nice curves that flow on the outside of the attractor’s influence. Much like those penny tornadoes that spin around for quite a bit before finally landing on the bottom, getting attractor flow to avoid darting all the way inside and simply staying at the center was tough. 3.5, especially, although I eventually found a solution that worked… that didn’t involve gentle guiding, just fiddling until bars filled. I don’t know if I’m asking to nerf the attractor or change the laws of particle physics, but it would be nice to be able to attractors as guiding curves intuitively – as they are now, they will probably be the most frustrating tool in the game.

    Aside from that, though, the loops are good, and I like the way the music builds as you add flow to it. Having several “mood” styles for music would make things better – or perhaps depending on the colors involved, one can expect a warmer or a cooler piece all told.

    One part about the website – if Paypal is the sole method of accepting donations, that might freeze out people like me who don’t particularly want to open an account based on the difficulties friends have had with Paypal.

    And last, please, please, consider releasing the game as a downloadable cross-platform of PCs, with a Windows, OSX and Linux build.

  48. Sinatra says:

    a great way to implement the “accept solution” feature would be like this:
    once you manage to light all objectives at the same time the “Next Level” button becomes available, but, if you “turn off” one of the objectives the next level button would still be available, allowing you to try other solutions and listen to the music
    so far you guys have been doing a great job and i cant wait to play the full version of the game!
    congratulations and thank you

  49. Fluxine says:

    This is the kind of game they should create a Nobel prize of video game for, great great concept to dig. Hope it will be ported to native code to speed up iteration loop though. I coded a small engine that could be used as base for this kind of game, had not the time to grow it, I’m glad that the practical application looks so great. Keep going in that directions coders !

  50. john doe says:

    awesome game…just one suggestion: ADD LEVEL CODES!!!

    for the second time in a row now i get interrupted and have to restart from the beginning…very tedious…

  51. Ken says:

    This is gonna be amazing! I can’t wait till it comes out onto the ipod touch (unless you’re going to make functions only available thru iphone interaction D:) XD
    it’s gonna be fricken sweet! even if it’s to be payed for, it’ll be worth the pay >:U

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  53. Фидель says:

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  54. Bolm says:

    So when will the Soundtrack, the level editor or the other mentioned features be released? I bought the game and kind of really miss the level editor! There would be so much fun in playing new stuff but instead i am fixed with the little stuff that is premade. 🙁

  55. Travis says:

    Absolutely love this app! I even bought the expansion which to date (after having my iPhone for two years) is the only app I’ve spent money on.

  56. htc pure says:

    i’ve had my pure for a week now and i still dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to no matter i would like it not just the basic ones on the phone… all the things about this telephone is complicating.. i also needed to change to that android software as a result of home windows is simply too sluggish and somebody please help me how to do this

  57. Monica says:

    Pleasee I am dying to know there to get the soundtrack!!!
    Leave a reply if you know any of the names to the soundtrack!!!!

  58. Haley Interiano says:

    Im looking into buying the Mitsubishi hc5500 projector OR the Sanyo z3000 projector. They are both 1080p and both have the same resolution and lumens. the only thing is that the sanyo has a 65,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and the Mitsubishi has a 14,000:1 static contrast ratio. WHICH ONE IS BETTER??? HOW DO YOU COMPARE???? thanks in advance!

  59. David Domincki says:

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  60. says:

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  61. says:

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who was conducting a little research on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to discuss this topic here on your web site.


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