An award-winning agency.

We are proud to say we were featured on the FWA today as ‘Site of the Day.’ For us, this is a big honor. The FWA showcases sites that go above and beyond, totally pushing the envelope for what is cutting edge on the internet today.

Meanwhile, we have also won a few other awards. Our favorite award was a listing on Moluv. Not only is Moluv an awesome site, Maurice (site owner) is just a stand-up gentlemen. Maurice, you’re amazing and thank you so much! Besides giving us a featured site award for both Cipher Prime and Auditorum, Maurice has also added us on his site as a friend and even donated to our cause. Please check out his site. He has shown us a lot of love and we are very grateful. Keep up the good work man!

On top of these awards we also won a Dope Award and ‘Site of the Day‘ over at E-Creative. We are very thankful and hope we have some more award announcements soon!

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  1. John says:

    Congratulations guys.

    You deserve all this recognition and I’m happy for you.

    You know, I heard about this game (as did many others) via Scott Ramsoomair’s “VGCats” webcomic.

    I’m sure that he introduced many people to your site.


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