Kickstarter: Final Countdown!

First off, Auditorium has been updated on Steam! We’ve fixed a few bugs, and switched from CPU rendering to the GPU, meaning better performance and significantly smoother graphic quality. Check out the difference:


Now secondly, lovelies: it’s the final week of our Auditorium Duet Kickstarter! It has been an incredible journey thus far, and it’s not over yet. We’ve been truly touched be the outpouring of feedback and support we’ve gotten from both our fans and the community at large. The philosophy behind Kickstarter is one of community, respect, and altruism, and we couldn’t be prouder to have joined the Kicking It Forward pledge to use 5% of the profits from Duet to fund other Kickstarter projects.

But we still need your help to make Duet happen!

We are currently only 70% funded, but I really feel that a strong wind in our sails can get this schooner to port. So be it blog, tweet, tumble, like, post, instagram, semaphore, spray-paint, and limerick — every single eyeball helps! Thanks for all your help so far — let’s see this through to the end!

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  1. Kya says:

    If I pledge enough for a T-Shirt, how much will int’l shipping be? And if you don’t charge extra for that, won’t that eat the pledged amount?

  2. Gnoupi says:

    About the Auditorium Steam update, it’s still rather disappointing.
    Sure, you switched from CPU to GPU rendering, which allows you to use some fancier anti-aliasing. But it’s still a low resolution image to begin with. As a result, in 1920, what you get is something mostly blurry, as shown in your very screenshot.

    So yes, it’s better than what was, but it’s still far from satisfying for a fullscreen experience.


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