Duet Kickstarter Is Two Weeks In!

Hello everyone! We need your help! Read on for an update on our Auditorium Duet Kickstarter and some new offers!

So our Kickstarter got off to a great start, and we raised over $10,000 in the first two days. But we hit the expected slump and we’re standing at 40% funding, meaning we still have to raise $36k in two weeks! But we are hopeful and working hard to get this Kickstarter funded (and we have faith in our wonderful fans!), because we really want to make Auditorium Duet an unforgettable experience for you. If you’ve enjoyed any of our other games, you can depend on us bringing the same creativity and attention to Duet.

New Rewards!

Kickstarter Reward Chart

Since the last mailing list, the reward structure has changed.

  • Pre-Order: $15 pledges get you a pre-order of the game.
  • Duet Pack or T-Shirt: $30 pledges allow you to select either an extra copy of the game (the Duet Pack!) or a T-shirt.
  • Fractal Bonus!: ANYONE who donates at least $1 will get a PC/Mac copy of Fractal if you don’t already have one. And this is retroactive, so it applies to everyone who has already donated!
  • T-Shirt + Duet Pack?: We haven’t included a specific T-shirt + Duet Pack reward, but because a number of people expressed interest, if the Kickstarter is successful we’ll include an extra checkbox where you can add $10 to your pledge and get the shirt as well.
  • Higher Level Rewards?: We also changed around some of the $200+ pledge rewards.
 How You Can Help!

Support the Kickstarter! Visit the Kickstarter, watch the video, reminisce  fondly about Auditorium, Pulse, and Fractal, and pledge for rewards! You can pledge anywhere from $1 on upwards, and a $15 pledge will get you the game itself! If the Kickstarter isn’t fully funded you don’t get charged and we don’t get any of the fundraising (but we also don’t get to make the game!). If just 5% of the people on this mailing list pledged $15 dollars, our Kickstarter would jump up over 30%. If 10% of you pledged for the game, we’d be funded!

Publicity Efforts! In the last two weeks, we managed to get five articles about us in Joystiq.com, with lots of juicy info about us and the Kickstarter. We’ve also been reaching out to local Philadelphia blogs and news outlets. If you have other publicity ideas for us, please contact us, we’d love to hear them because they might make all the difference!

Spread the Word! We also need you to spread the word about our Kickstarter! We’re a young studio and we have to rely on grass roots efforts like word of mouth and networking, which can be very powerful, but we have to get the ball rolling! So please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested, whether they be family, friends, or colleagues. Post about our Kickstarter on Facebook, Twitter, on your blogs, or on any of your favorite sites and forums. Let people know how much fun you’ve had playing our games in the past! Every little bit helps!

Auditorium Duet Kickstarter Halfway Point

Thank you all!



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