Auditorium Duet Kickstarter Update!

Auditorium Duet Kickstarter: March 2 2012

It’s been three days since the launch of our Auditorium Duet Kickstarter, and we’ve been floored by your support! As of this blog post over 400 people have offered to put together almost $16,000 to help Auditorium Duet get made!

We’ve also been very grateful to for running a series of articles on our project, which have all generated a lot of discussion among readers about our project and the Kickstarter trend in general, you should definitely check them out!

Cipher Prime Minimum Expenses Breakdown

So what’s up next? We’re almost 26% funded, with four weeks left to go. It’s a lot of money (far more than we were expecting at first!), but we’re already exiting the “big backer bump” from the initial release, and now we’ve got a long, hard road ahead.

Auditorium Duet Kickstarter Progress March 2 2012

We are giving this our all! We’re reaching out to every contact we have, we’ve got some publicity initiatives (videos and fun stuff!) up our sleeves, and we’re listening to your feedback and trying to tailor our rewards to make Auditorium Duet as appealing as possible to everyone. Don’t fret if you’ve commented and we haven’t responded! You will hear from us!

So please help us out and continue to tweet and comment and blog about the Kickstarter! Reaching out in a thousand different ways can generate an astoundingly powerful response, and it’s what we’re depending on! And we know we can depend on our fans!

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  1. Zim the Fox says:

    My best wishes to you guys. Auditorium is one of my favourite games and I really want to see the sequel happen.

    I was just reading the Joystiq articles, and man, while I am quite conscious of how hard game developing is, you fellas have gone through a lot. What with legal battle over Fractal and the small income…

    It actually worries me a tad how the number of donations have been decreasing, but with almost a month to go and a fourth already backed, I am quite confident you’ll reach your goal!

    P.S. Is there a way to get high quality versions of the images in this article?

  2. Stephen S. says:

    Very excited about this. Auditorium was amazing when I first discovered it (and you guys!) when it first came out. Absolutely amazing.
    Really glad to hear the sequel is being planned (and at this rate, without a doubt will be fully funded!!)

    I plan to back it very soon, and I am excited to follow the development.

  3. D-side says:

    I am really looking forward to hearing any news about it! And the first ones are good!
    I’m also planning to work as a game developer (designer-programmer hybrid) and you guys really show “how this job is done”! This project will live, for sure – it’s highly original – that’s what the players need right now, when nearly-clones have taken over the market.
    Unfortunately, I can’t support you directly (I’m a student without a job right now), but I’ll help spreading information amongst russian indie-game admirers. A description like that will probably attract some attention with my translation skills =)

    By the way, thanks for the Auditorium’s offline version! It’s so simple inside. I’m pretty sure mods will be released soon, you probably gave the original game a second life.

  4. andrei
    andrei says:

    @Zim, Stephen, D-side

    Hey, just wanted to thank you guys for your support, in whatever form you’ve offered it! It definitely means a lot to us and thank you for your thoughtful comments!


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