Fractal and Pulse in Humble Bundle! Get ’em!

Hey folks! In case you haven’t already heard, you can pick up Fractal and Pulse in the Humble Bundle with Android 6. What’s more, this is the first time Fractal and Pulse have been available on Android! So yeah: save mad loot while getting seven award-winning, cross-platform games and their soundtracks. Jump on this crazy trove of awesome while it lasts!

Check out the bundle!

Fractal and Pulse in Humble Bundle for Android 6


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Support Our Friends!

This week, we’re giving shout-outs to two awesome Cipher Prime friends whom you should totally support,  Phil Kahn and Greg Lobanov.

Phil Kahn: Webcomic Writer

Friend of the studio Phil Kahn co-writes fantasy webcomic Guilded Age, which is regularly featured on Joystiq’s “Sunday Morning Funnies.” Yesterday, Phil and gang launched a Kickstarter campaign to back Guilded Age Volume 2 and Guilded Age animated shorts. So check out the comic, and if you can, help creative people create stuff.

guilded age

Greg Lobanov: Game Developer

Regular dev nighter Greg Lobanov just got back from featuring his game, Perfection, at IndieCade at E3. Perfection is a surprisingly soothing puzzle game about cutting shapes to fit into outlines. It’s available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Here’s Greg demoing the game for Destructoid:

Support an up-and-coming game dev. Try Perfection and achieve nirvana and stuff.


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Splice Coming to PS3!

That’s right! Later this year, we’re going to be self-publishing Splice on the PS3. This week we’re honored to be showing off Splice as part of the PlayStation booth at E3. Check out more on our featured PlayStation blog post.

We’re shooting for a late summer to early fall release. We’re also hoping to include optional PlayStation Move support. Be sure to keep an eye out for Splice on the PSN!

splice for PS3 at E3

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Create Your Own Levels in Auditorium: Duet

When we were making Splice, we created an in-game level editor for ourselves so we could jump into any level and modify it while playing. The editor was a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating and deleting nodes, and it was super streamlined and convenient. We were sad that our players never got to use it. We’re hoping Duet will be a different story.

duet level editor x240

We’ve created a similar level editing system for Duet, both to simplify our own level-making process, and to allow players to create their own levels. The in-game editor allows you to drag-and-drop streams, controls, and obstacles into the level, or modify and destroy any of these elements at will. Auditorium: Duet will be a creative exercise both for us as developers, and for players, too.

Here’s a sneak peak at the level editor:

Out-of-a-Hat Game Jam!

Hey Dev Nighters, ready for a challenge?

This Thursday’s game jam theme is “Out-of-a-Hat.” We’re going to have three hats, one containing genres, one containing styles, and one containing moods. Your assigned game will be based on whatever combination of words you pull from the hats. We believe in you.

When: Thursday, June 6th, 5:00 PM-5:00 AM

Where: Cipher Prime Studios (239 Chestnut Street, Old City)

top hat lighter

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