Splice, Duet, and the Road Ahead

So where does Splice stand now that it’s been released on Steam? Is it going to be available through the Cipher Prime Store as well? Will there be an iOS or Android version of the game? When will we start to hear about development on Auditorium 2 : Duet, and when can we expect to see our Kickstarter rewards? Good questions. Let’s have a crack at them now, shall we?


Normally our Mac and PC games are available through the Cipher Prime Store. However, since we’re currently in the process of overhauling our store and website, Splice is only available via Steam. Splice will eventually make its way onto the Cipher Prime Store, just not until after our new site goes live.

For those with iPads, you’ll be excited to know we’re hard at work on an iOS version of Splice, and it looks beautiful! The iPad version will also include support for Game Center achievements. There are still a few bugs to work out before we can confirm a release date, though.

As for Android users, unfortunately it’s the same old story. We still don’t have a production pipeline in place for Android development, but that may change in the coming months. If you’re interested in seeing our games on Android, please fill out this survey to help us determine which devices to support.

Auditorium 2 : Duet

With development on Splice winding down, we are finally starting to gear up for development on Auditorium 2 : Duet. Last week we added a fifth member to our team, Aaron Chapin, to serve as Lead Developer on the project. The next four to six weeks will be spent developing the core architecture needed to support all the features we plan to have in Duet. To test out this new framework and our development process, we will also be making (and possibly releasing) a small arcade style game based on this architecture.

We’ll be updating our Auditorium 2 : Duet Kickstarter reward timelines near the end of next week. We’ve already distributed redemption codes for Fractal : Make Blooms Not War to all Kickstarter backers. It’s possible some of you may not have received a code. If you didn’t receive yours, please contact us by email or through Kickstarter and we’ll resend the redemption code. Next up on the list for Kickstarter rewards is t-shirts. We’ll have more details for you soon.

Tonight’s Dev Night Rescheduled

Just a quick announcement here. Tonight’s Dev Night is being moved to tomorrow night since the crew here at Cipher Prime will be partaking in The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tonight. Next week we’ll return to the regular Wednesday night schedule, 5pm to 1am.

If you plan on attending, there is metered parking in the area. We’re located on the second floor at 239 Chestnut Street. Press the intercom buzzer at the door and we’ll let you in. Again, the we open the doors at 5pm. See you then!


Splice Screenshot Challenge

If you missed out on the chance to snag one of the Steam game codes given away on Twitter this week—no worries—we’ve got another opportunity here for you to get your hands on free games from Cipher Prime!

The point of this challenge is to be creative with the game mechanics. We want to see what interesting imagery people can come up with given the structures available in Splice. We’ll be selecting up to 7 screenshots to be featured as downloadable desktop backgrounds. Entries should be taken at the highest resolution available and in full-screen mode .

Take screenshots using the Steam client and add them to your Steam profile’s library of screenshots. To submit your entry, post a link of the full-size screenshot image to the Splice Screenshot Challenge forum thread. If you can wow the pants off us, we’ll offer you up a free Steam key to one of Cipher Prime’s games of your choosing. Exceptional screenshots will be credited with your name and made available for download as desktop backgrounds through the Splice Community Page on Steam.

The challenge will continue until all 7 screenshots have been chosen. So fire up Steam, hop on into Splice, start feverishly mashing that F12 key, and show us what you got!

Ready. Set. Post away!

Winning Entries
EPILOGUE.301 by Neil Sardesai (1920×1080)
SEQUENCE.307 by Andrew Isley (1280×800)
SEQUENCE.??? by Brandon Keech (1366×768)
EPILOGUE.??? by Tyler Krof (1280×720)

Community Events

Two weeks from now, we will be discontinuing the Cipher Prime Facebook page. What a way to start off the community events post, right? Well, the important thing to know is we’re not going away. In fact, we’re going to be more present than ever!

From here on you’ll start to see more news, developer stories, and current events from the front lines at Cipher Prime. All of which will post primarily through the Cipher Prime Blog and Twitter feeds. By sticking to these two outlets, we can provide more and respond better to our fans.

For those in Philly, tomorrow night is Dev Night as usual. Bring your laptop loaded with Unity3D and StarCraft II. It’s going to be a party. Also, this Thursday is the Philly Unity User Group meeting over at Indie Hall.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well (@cipherprime). This week we’re tweeting three Steam codes each day, one for each of our games: Auditorium, Fractal, and Splice.

Splice Featured in the PAX 10!

Splice made the PAX 10 selection! Turns out we’ll be at PAX Prime this year after all! This is a huge accomplishment for us, and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful for the opportunity to stand alongside some of the great indie developers of today. If you’re going to be at PAX Prime, be sure to come by and visit us at our booth. We’ll be giving away tons of swag! Plus, you’ll have a chance to play our games and talk with the developers.

As you may well know, the Steam Summer Sale is currently in full swing. As part of the sale, all Cipher Prime games are 50% off through July 23rd. These include Splice, the Splice Soundtrack DLC, the Splice Soundtrack Edition bundle, Fractal : Make Blooms Not War, and Auditorium. For the duration of the sale, we’ve also dropped the price of the Flight of Angels album on Bandcamp.

Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Looking for Interns!

Cipher Prime is looking for a marketing intern and a design intern!

General Info:

Our office is located at 3rd and Chestnut. “Official” office hours are “10:00am” to “4:00pm,” and you can show up between two and five “weekdays” a week. Often we will feed you and you are always allowed to use the bathroom, but otherwise the internship is unpaid. Starcraft 2 experience desirable but not necessary.

Marketing Intern Info:

Marketing interns will assist us with improving our online presence. We make cool games and need to put our name and product in front of as many eyes as possible. Duties will include:

  • frequent updating of our blog and social media tools;
  • tracking down articles and reviews about our company and/or games;
  • responding to inquiries about our products through email and on public forums.

We are bad at these things and you must be good at them. You will be required to play our games in order to better understand them. You are expected to suggest and carry out marketing research and campaigns on your own initiative. You must also be able to write fully grammatical and polite sentences, but be fluent enough in Bad English to decipher and respond to internetspeak. Experience with social media tools (e.g. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook) is helpful.

Design Intern Info:

Design interns will create promotional material for our games and our company. This stuff distracts us from making cool games and we need your help to pick up our slack. Duties will include:

  • creating visual candy for our website and for press outreach;
  • creating screencasts of our games;
  • putting together simple films showcasing behind-the-scenes work or development.

Design interns need to know that we may reject many of your ideas and possibly even ridicule your work. We are picky people. So design interns must have thick skin. The ability to bury your resentment deeply is a plus. Design interns will be required to play our games in order to learn our studio’s aesthetic. Afterward, you will create design content on your own initiative. Design interns should have prior experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, at least one video-editing program, and VX modules.

If you’re interested, send us an email at team@cipherprime.com!