Duet Reaches Goal of $60,000

Yesterday’s flood of support for our Auditorium 2: Duet Kickstarter was unprecedented, completely unexpected, and couldn’t have been more timely! Not even day-1 saw this level of support. It’s as if a prayer had been answered. In just two days, Auditorium Duet gained nearly a third of its funding, putting it back on track for success!

The moment occurred last night just after midnight EDT. Each of us listening to The Final Countdown on loop while obsessively refreshing our browser windows, watching in excited disbelief  as the numbers on our Kickstarter page continued to climb. Among a twitter of tweets and Facebook posts, we watched in anxious anticipation. Against the odds, Auditroium 2: Duet met its Kickstarter funding goal of $60,000 with only 72 hours to go!

We want to thank you all for the amazing show of support, and for helping us get the word out about our Kickstarter. We couldn’t have done this without you. So as a show of gratitude, we have a couple goodies for you:

Duet Wallpaper 1
1920×1080 / 1680×1050 / 1440×900
1280×800 / 1024×768

Duet Wallpaper 2
1920×1080 / 1680×1050 / 1440×900
1280×800 / 1024×768

Auditorium 2: Duet is currently 105% funded with 55 hours remaining before the Kickstarter project closes out. Be sure to make any last minute pledges now to take advantage of the exclusive rewards available through this Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: Final Countdown!

First off, Auditorium has been updated on Steam! We’ve fixed a few bugs, and switched from CPU rendering to the GPU, meaning better performance and significantly smoother graphic quality. Check out the difference:


Now secondly, lovelies: it’s the final week of our Auditorium Duet Kickstarter! It has been an incredible journey thus far, and it’s not over yet. We’ve been truly touched be the outpouring of feedback and support we’ve gotten from both our fans and the community at large. The philosophy behind Kickstarter is one of community, respect, and altruism, and we couldn’t be prouder to have joined the Kicking It Forward pledge to use 5% of the profits from Duet to fund other Kickstarter projects.

But we still need your help to make Duet happen!

We are currently only 70% funded, but I really feel that a strong wind in our sails can get this schooner to port. So be it blog, tweet, tumble, like, post, instagram, semaphore, spray-paint, and limerick — every single eyeball helps! Thanks for all your help so far — let’s see this through to the end!

Our Very First Pizzacraft!

Pizzacraft Header

Welcome to all the r/Pizzacraft participants!

My name is Andrei and I’ll be heading up the Pizzacraft tournament. My battle.net name is Andrei-492, if you’ve got any questions.

This is going to be a quick FFA tournament.

That is, it should only be two rounds. Thirty-three participants signed up, so we’ll try and start out with 6 or 8 person FFAs, but this may change depending on who shows up. Brackets were assigned at random.

Each game may last upwards of 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how cheesy or turtle-y people are feeling.

Official Procedure:

  1. Join the chat channel “Pizzacraft”. I will be online starting at 2:00 EST.
  2. I will start setting up games at 3:00 EST (or slightly earlier if anyone wants to get a head start). If I announce the callout for your bracket in the Pizzacraft channel for your game, there will be a 10 minute grace period before the game starts without you.
    • The map selection will be any official Blizzard map with separate bases. This may mean some maps will have players starting fairly close to each other. Map selection will be random:
  3. Winners PM me, and I’ll check match history.
  4. The final round is set to begin at 4:30 EST, but this will be flexible depending on how fast the games are played. But unless otherwise agreed upon by participants, the final round starts at 4:30 or as soon as possible afterward.
  5. Pizza. The last person standing at the end of the Pizzacraft will get a pizza of their choice, on us. We’ll try to accomodate delivery Saturday night if possible. If that isn’t possible we’ll basically handle things as r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza does.
If you have any questions ask them in the Pizzacraft channel! Or message me on Battle.net (Andrei, 492)! This is going to be a pretty small tournament, so everything will be fairly laid back! Have fun!

Thanks everyone for participating! And good luck!


(You can zoom and pan.)


The Drexel Dragoon’s CSL team was kind enough to offer streaming and casting for the tournament. The video and chat are embedded below.

Watch live video from Drexel Dragoons on www.twitch.tv

Duet Kickstarter Is Two Weeks In!

Hello everyone! We need your help! Read on for an update on our Auditorium Duet Kickstarter and some new offers!

So our Kickstarter got off to a great start, and we raised over $10,000 in the first two days. But we hit the expected slump and we’re standing at 40% funding, meaning we still have to raise $36k in two weeks! But we are hopeful and working hard to get this Kickstarter funded (and we have faith in our wonderful fans!), because we really want to make Auditorium Duet an unforgettable experience for you. If you’ve enjoyed any of our other games, you can depend on us bringing the same creativity and attention to Duet.

New Rewards!

Kickstarter Reward Chart

Since the last mailing list, the reward structure has changed.

  • Pre-Order: $15 pledges get you a pre-order of the game.
  • Duet Pack or T-Shirt: $30 pledges allow you to select either an extra copy of the game (the Duet Pack!) or a T-shirt.
  • Fractal Bonus!: ANYONE who donates at least $1 will get a PC/Mac copy of Fractal if you don’t already have one. And this is retroactive, so it applies to everyone who has already donated!
  • T-Shirt + Duet Pack?: We haven’t included a specific T-shirt + Duet Pack reward, but because a number of people expressed interest, if the Kickstarter is successful we’ll include an extra checkbox where you can add $10 to your pledge and get the shirt as well.
  • Higher Level Rewards?: We also changed around some of the $200+ pledge rewards.
 How You Can Help!

Support the Kickstarter! Visit the Kickstarter, watch the video, reminisce  fondly about Auditorium, Pulse, and Fractal, and pledge for rewards! You can pledge anywhere from $1 on upwards, and a $15 pledge will get you the game itself! If the Kickstarter isn’t fully funded you don’t get charged and we don’t get any of the fundraising (but we also don’t get to make the game!). If just 5% of the people on this mailing list pledged $15 dollars, our Kickstarter would jump up over 30%. If 10% of you pledged for the game, we’d be funded!

Publicity Efforts! In the last two weeks, we managed to get five articles about us in Joystiq.com, with lots of juicy info about us and the Kickstarter. We’ve also been reaching out to local Philadelphia blogs and news outlets. If you have other publicity ideas for us, please contact us, we’d love to hear them because they might make all the difference!

Spread the Word! We also need you to spread the word about our Kickstarter! We’re a young studio and we have to rely on grass roots efforts like word of mouth and networking, which can be very powerful, but we have to get the ball rolling! So please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested, whether they be family, friends, or colleagues. Post about our Kickstarter on Facebook, Twitter, on your blogs, or on any of your favorite sites and forums. Let people know how much fun you’ve had playing our games in the past! Every little bit helps!

Auditorium Duet Kickstarter Halfway Point

Thank you all!



Auditorium Duet Kickstarter Update!

Auditorium Duet Kickstarter: March 2 2012

It’s been three days since the launch of our Auditorium Duet Kickstarter, and we’ve been floored by your support! As of this blog post over 400 people have offered to put together almost $16,000 to help Auditorium Duet get made!

We’ve also been very grateful to Joystiq.com for running a series of articles on our project, which have all generated a lot of discussion among readers about our project and the Kickstarter trend in general, you should definitely check them out!

Cipher Prime Minimum Expenses Breakdown

So what’s up next? We’re almost 26% funded, with four weeks left to go. It’s a lot of money (far more than we were expecting at first!), but we’re already exiting the “big backer bump” from the initial release, and now we’ve got a long, hard road ahead.

Auditorium Duet Kickstarter Progress March 2 2012

We are giving this our all! We’re reaching out to every contact we have, we’ve got some publicity initiatives (videos and fun stuff!) up our sleeves, and we’re listening to your feedback and trying to tailor our rewards to make Auditorium Duet as appealing as possible to everyone. Don’t fret if you’ve commented and we haven’t responded! You will hear from us!

So please help us out and continue to tweet and comment and blog about the Kickstarter! Reaching out in a thousand different ways can generate an astoundingly powerful response, and it’s what we’re depending on! And we know we can depend on our fans!