Announcing: Auditorium Duet!

We’ve been dropping hints like breadcrumbs for weeks, and it’s time to let these doves loose: Its an Auditorium smörgåsbord, and everyone gets seconds. One-two punch activate!


Auditorium is now on Steam!

Our first game, the one that started our whole crazy game-making careers, is finally available as a PC/Mac downloadable title!

Auditorium Standalone GraphicAs we’ve mentioned in previous emails, prior purchasers will have the option of receiving a free Steam Key to unlock the game through the Steam system, downloading the game from the Cipher Prime Store, or continue playing it through the web interface on the Auditorium Game page. Like with Fractal, we’re still working out details with Steam, but barring catastrophes we expect you guys to be able to get your hands on some CD-Keys in the next week or so. We’re also going to be changing up our sites in the coming months, so keep posted for news!

Important Update!Steam keys are now available for all previous owners of Auditorium: The Online Experience! Just follow these instructions to redeem:

  1. Log into your account at the Cipher Prime Store.
  2. If you haven’t already, Activate Your Copy of Auditorium.
  3. In the product list, under Auditorium: The Online Experience, click Generate Serial.
  4. Launch Steam and log into your Steam account.
  5. Click the Games Menu.
  6. Choose Activate a Product on Steam…
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.
If you don’t have a CP Store account, please log in with your username at; you’ll be given instructions on how to create a CP Store account.

Now the big one.


We’ve launched a Kickstarter for Auditorium 2: Duet!

The official Kickstarter page is live, so go on and check it out! For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a fundraising website where creators can pitch their project ideas to the public and offer special rewards as a ‘thank you’ to backers who help fund the development of those ideas. Kickstarter has more thorough explanations over on their FAQ page, and some examples of other awesome projects as well.

Auditorium Duet will have its roots in Auditorium, but it’s going to be bigger, better, and — most importantly — it’s going to be multiplayer! The initial release is planned as a PC/Mac standalone, but we will be considering cross-platform support from the beginning; we’re just waiting to gauge interest and determine hardware requirements.

Please pledge what you can for the Kickstarter and we promise we will put our hearts into making this game! Without this funding, we won’t be able to afford making it, which will totally bum us out. Be sure to leave comments, and as always we are open to feedback! We’ll be posting frequent Kickstarter updates on our blog (not the mailing list), so check back frequently for the latest info. Thank you all for your support!

So how can you help out at this stage? Talk to us! Ask us questions! Email us, reach out to us on Twitter, post on our blog, just let us know what you think about Auditorium 2! And be sure to tell all your friends — we need all the help we can get!

Fractal’s Back!


After listening to your concerns, we’ve decided that making customers pay again for an app they’ve already purchased is too much to ask. We’ve decided to make Fractal free on iTunes through this Friday. We’ve just made the change, so it may take a little while to propagate to your region. Thanks for your understanding and support!


After the unfortunate mess with our publisher, Fractal for the iPad is back up on the App Store, along with a bunch of bug fixes! It now runs beautifully on the iPad 1 (i.e. does not crash anymore!).

We wanted to be able to simply transfer our fans’ existing Fractal purchase records (for the Fractal under our old publisher’s name) to the current Fractal (the version released under our name). Unfortunately, that’s not possible under the App Store’s current architecture, so we were faced with a difficult pricing choice.

We’ve decided that Fractal will continue to be a paid app, though for this week (ending next Tuesday, February 21) we are reducing the price to 99 cents. After that, Fractal will return to its original price.

There are several options for previous customers.

  • One: You can simply keep your current version of Fractal; however, it will not be updated and you will not be able to reinstall it, because that version of Fractal is no longer in the App Store.
  • Two: You can repurchase Fractal at the reduced 99¢ price this week. Each purchase of will really help us out, and will allow you to reinstall and update the app in the future. We hate to ask this of our fans, but we have to try and make our plea. The circumstances that forced the removal of Fractal from the App Store to begin with have made it so that we can’t afford to offer it for free. We, more than anyone, wish things had turned out differently.
  • Three: if you still think having to repurchase the app for updates is unfair, please contact us directly and we can try and work something out.

We truly apologize for this unexpected mess. We are not trying to squeeze pennies out of our customers, we are just trying to recoup on business losses from a bad publishing deal. We’re sorry, and hope you can understand where we’re coming from. We love you guys and hope we have your continued support!

Patch Notes for Fractal v1.2.0 (iPad):

  • Performance improvements across the board, especially on iPad 1.
  • Reduced the memory footprint of the entire game.
  • Removed some assets that were no longer being used.
  • Reduced the overall CPU usage of the game.
  • Fixed a logic error that could render puzzle 53 unsolvable.
  • Fixed some bugs that unbalanced arcade mode. The difficulty curve in Run was too sharp and was knocking people out of it sooner than they should be.
  • Fixed the apparent size of some of the levels in campaign mode.