Auditorium is Going Downloadable!

Auditorium Standalone GraphicWe’ve finally gotten around to creating a standalone version of Auditorium, and it’s heading to the Steam Store and the Cipher Prime Store! Expect to see it up in the next few weeks!

I bought the web-based Auditorium already. So, do I get a downloadable version?

Sure! If you are an existing purchaser, once everything is on the Cipher Prime Store and finalized on the Steam Store you will be able to redeem your game. You can download it straight from your products page.

Is there anything new in the game? Why are you releasing it as a standalone version?

No, aside from a new main menu, this version of Auditorium is the same as the classic full version. This standalone release is coming because fans have been asking for this for a while, and because we’re transitioning our titles away from browser-based games.

I’d rather just play on the website, can I still do that?

Yes. However, we are going to be moving the game from the website to a dedicated page on the Cipher Prime website. No need to worry about that, though, because will automatically redirect you to the proper place!

Will my progress from the web version be saved if I start playing on the standalone version?

Unfortunately, no. We’re sorry! In addition to moving the game off of, and to make the standalone version slightly better, we’re storing all the save information locally on the user’s machine. This includes the web version! In order to cut down on server fees we will no longer be maintaining the PlayAuditorium database, so the local save means your progress will only be saved on the machine you play on.

So, what else have you been up to? Anything new? How’s your mum?

If you’ve been following any Cipher Prime news, you’ll know we’ve been working on a neat little puzzler called Splice. Well, we’re putting the finishing touches on that game and you’ll hear more about it the near future!

And expect to hear from us soon about a KickStarter campaign we’re getting set to launch. Something to do with a sequel…a bigger, better, multiplayer one!

She’s doing well, thanks for asking!

Olivia Broadfield Remix Competition

Hey guys! I’ve just put an entry into Olivia Broadfield/TUAW‘s “Say” remix competition! As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of Propellerhead‘s Reason software, and while Reason 5 has been pretty great to me, after using the trial of Reason 6 to do this competition I’m simply not going back. Being able to have live audio go directly into Reason is amazing enough, but the changes to the work flow are also stunning — this remix took me less than 6 hours!

The great thing about this competition is that the winner gets a free, fully licensed copy of Reason 6, as well as a Balance input/mixing board, which would be a welcome replacement for my busted MobilePre (which I’ve dropped one too many times, methinks).

So if you’ve got a SoundCloud account, head over to the track and leave a comment! There are over 425 entries in the competition, so anything you can do to help me stand out will be awesome. And if you don’t have a SoundCloud account, head over and give it a listen anyway! I hope you like it!

Fractal Pulled from iTunes App Store

Due to technical issues experienced with our publisher—namely that they are technically no longer our publisher—Fractal: Make Blooms Not War has been pulled from the iTunes App Store. Don’t worry, though. The situation is only temporary. Now that publishing rights have been returned to Cipher Prime, we’ll be re-releasing Fractal for the iPad under our own name. When Fractal does return to the store, it will be registered as an entirely different app and will need to be downloaded to receive the latest version and any future updates. Unfortunately, there’s no way to transfer purchases in a situation like this one. Keep your eyes posted on the blog for updates!

Last Call for the Indie Royale Bundle!

New Year Indie Royale Bundle

Fractal is included in Indie Royale’s New Year’s Bundle, but it’s the last day of the sale!

For the next 24 hours, you can purchase Fractal along with three other games: Nuclear Dawn (InterWave Studios), Max and the Magic Marker (Press Play), and Super Crossfire (Radian Games).

The Indie Royale Bundle is a fluctuating minimum price bundle, meaning that the minimum price goes up the more people that buy it! And if people pay more than the minimum price, it reduces the price for other buyers! (Also, you get a copy of George & Jonathan‘s “Beautiful Lifestyle” chiptune album!)

So grab the bundle at Indie Royale, or at least go to check out the action!