Fractal Blooms on Steam

We drafted it, armed it, made it say goodbye to its sweethearts, and now Fractal is all set to drop on the beaches of Steam as the vanguard of a Cipher Prime invasion!

That’s right, Fractal is our very first title on the Steam Store! It will feature all the tweaks and improvements we added to the game for our Mac Store release, including rebalanced play modes, updated graphics, and improved music and sounds.

So now that Fractal is taking advantage of the convenience of Steam, the fractal-curious out there no longer have any reason to stay in the closet. Get ready to burst out and buy our blooming beautiful game so you can get in on all the hexagon-pushing like the cool kids.

Even Edge Magazine is giving Fractal love, killahz, calling it “a creative and surprisingly prickly form of mental weeding that swiftly becomes a pleasure to lose yourself within.” Pocket Full of Apps described Fractal as a “lush music puzzler” set in “a pulsing kaleidoscopic dreamscape.”

So be sure to check it out! Beginning today. November 29. FractalSteam. PC. Mac. $6.99. No regrets. Thanks everyone!

Vote for Pulse!

Pulse: IGM 2011 Game of the Year NomineeCipher Prime wants to thank its fans for driving the success of Pulse: Volume One these past six months. We were ecstatic when Pulse was chosen as Apple’s iPad Game of the Week, and then we were humbled by the breadth of your support. You’ve helped us incredibly through your emails, your comments, your buzz, and your awesome reviews. It’s because of you that Pulse still tops the iTunes Music Games Chart! People keep saying cool things about us, and we’re stoked!

This past June, the Indie Game Magazine (IGM) put Pulse on their cover and devoted seven pages to Mike and Zak’s interview with the Cipher Prime team in our Philly studio. Now we’ve been nominated for IGM’s 2011 Indie Game of the Year Awards in the Game of the Year, Best Mobile Game, Best Sound/Music, and Best Graphics categories. Readers vote for the winners, and our competition is stiff–we’re up against awesome games like Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP and Frozen Synapse. So we need our fans to head over to the IGM site and vote Pulse: Volume One to the top in all four categories!

And while you’re there, be sure to check out IGM. They put out print and digital issues featuring game reviews and absolutely fantastic interviews. In recent issues the’ve picked the brains of Final Form Games (Jamestown) and Frictional Games (Amnesia: The Dark Descent). We love the IGM guys and had a great time hosting them here in Philly; they do an incredible job of bringing up-and-coming indie games to their readership, and getting developers out of their caves and talking about their projects.

And if you need even more Cipher Prime excitement, Fractal is now available on the Mac App Store and the Cipher Prime Store!


Fractal: The Return of the Bloom.

As always, when Cipher Prime goes radio silent, it’s usually because we’re working on something awesome.

Or playing Starcraft II in a rum-and-whiskey fueled haze. Which, to be fair, is also awesome.

First, we deal with the rumours. Yes, we are working on a new title! No, I’m not telling you anything about it yet. Yes, Pulse is getting new tracks! No, you can’t hear them yet.

What I can tell you is that Fractal, in all its Unity-powered-3d-accelerated glory, is coming to your Mac via the Mac App Store and the Cipher Prime Store right the #$%! now for $6.99. As always, if you purchase directly from us, we get 100% of the proceeds!

So much has changed since Fractal originally came out I don’t even know where to begin. We’ve rebalanced Campaign mode so that you can start from any level. We rebalanced Arcade mode so that it’s fun and challenging. We’ve updated our graphics and smoothed out the engine so the game runs, crisp, clean, and beautiful — even at full-screen, 1680×1050. New drum loops, crisper strings, cleaner sounds — this Fractal is the real deal.

Now as we said before, if you already own Fractal, you will get this desktop upgrade totally gratis. Just log into your account at and get to downloading! You can also get Iterate!, the official theme from Fractal, from our music page, for 99 cents; this also includes the contemplative reprise that appears in the menu screens.

As for Steam? It’s coming, I promise. No seriously. We are this close.