Check it out guys!  Cipherprime.com has been given a sparkly, new and improved makeover.  Plus, we’re trying hard to get all our sites under one umbrella for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve also added a new music page, cipherprime.bandcamp.com, hosted by Bandcamp.  All of your favorite tracks, in addition to new tracks, will be added to the music page.  Like what you hear?  Well you can purchase tracks, or a whole album if you so please, directly from the music page.  More importantly, all of our music will be rolling over to the bandcamp site and we will no longer be placing music on the store.  Don’t freak out though!  Any purchased music will still be available for download.  Remember, change is a good thing and we’re really excited about the switch.  You’ll have way more fun with this new interface and be able to purchase and listen easily now.  Also, we chose Bandcamp because it supports a lot of indie musicians and indie game soundtracks.  We’ve found tracks and musicians we really like perusing different bandcamp pages.  Some of our favorites?  Super Meat Boy and Bastion are awesome!

We also want to let you know, a new update for Pulse is coming soon and once it goes live we’ll add the new tracks.  And we’re going to be making sure there are constantly new downloads for mailing list users.  Currently, Philly is Golden can be downloaded FREE and even more free tracks will be added to the bandcamp site.  We’re throwing you another bone…Autumn (Auditorium) and Iterate! (Theme from Fractal) were once $.99 but can now be downloaded for free as well.

Lastly, our updates for Fractal have gone live!  Have you had any issues?  Please let us know if you encounter any problems or if the game isn’t available in your region.  We’ll work quickly to resolve any issues if you let us know of anything.  Otherwise, we hope you enjoy!  So thanks for tuning in and be sure to let us know how you like our new main page and bandcamp.  Comments and feedback are always welcome!

A Fond Farewell…


I’m afraid the sun has set on my time at Cipher Prime. Two weeks notice was given. Two weeks have passed. Now I must ride my bike into the distance as the credits roll.

But don’t worry!

I totally cranked out a hefty collection of baller @$$ Pulse levels before throwing in the towel. Keep an eye out for that update in the VERY NEAR FUTURE (and new levels aren’t the only thing to get excited about)!

Anyway, it’s been an extreme pleasure working with such awesome dudes and I will surely miss developing games that excite each and every one of your lovely little fingers… Now I’m headed to work for these guys: www.punkave.com (also awesome dudes).

With love from Philadelphia,