Patience is a Virtue

Now we know we’re a little past-due on Pulse’s newest update but fret not, dearest dot tappers. We will deliver. Our second free update features four brand new levels, a slew of small bug fixes and a major performance increase!

Last month, we received a good deal of feedback pointing out that our “Philly is Golden” update might be a bit too challenging for the more casual gamer. We certainly want to maintain a nice balance between the simpler levels and ones that induce sheer panic (ZOMGTHIZIMPOSIBAL). To ensure this balance, we put our guest artists on hold, went back to our synthesizers and cooked you up a handful of tracks that range from easy and breezy to moderately tricky.

Needless to say, we’re beyond excited to push this puppy into the world BUT here’s the rub:

We’ve entered Pulse in this year’s IndieCade festival and while they’re reviewing our game, we’ve got to keep it the same as it was when the judging process began. Pulse would be disqualified if we were to make any changes to it — and we wouldn’t want that! After all, it was at last year’s IndieCade when Pulse was first conceived.

So please bear with us! We’ll have that update out as soon as possible and we WILL make up for lost time. We’ve already got our next four guest artist tracks in the pipeline and will make damn sure to release them before you go hungry for levels again. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Y’all are the best fans an indie studio could ask for, and without your helpful feedback and constant support, we would be nowhere at all.

Remember, The Pulse soundtrack is still available on the Cipher Prime Store and we’re ALWAYS looking for new music to put in Pulse. If you are interested in submitting or making a track for the game, please shoot us a cyber letter addressed to!

P.S. No cats were harmed during the creation of this blog post.