A Promise is a Promise.

You know when we said we’d be releasing new tracks each month for Pulse? Well, we try our very best to make sure we’re not liars. So you can go grab that update now. ( almost a month to the day )

It seems a company’s word isn’t worth a lot these days and we really hope we can change that at Cipher Prime. It’s taken a few weeks longer for Apple to approve our update, but we’re all ready now!

Announcing the First Philadelphia Artists in Pulse!

In order of appearance and level difficulty:

Cooper and the Fantastic Machine present “klokwerk
George and Jonathan present “tidbits
Ghost Fight presents “veedja
Zilla Persona presents “follow my voice

Each one of these artists hasn’t just contributed music to Pulse, they created brand new musical works specifically for the game and we couldn’t be happier with the results. In our eyes, these guys are true rock stars.

For us, this is the first of many musical collaborations. We’ll be taking a deeper look into these artists as the months pass and presenting many more. We always need more artists, so please contact us if your interested in getting involved with Pulse.

Some of these tracks are a bit on the harder side (Follow My Voice is ridiculous!), but we’re trying to get more medium difficulty tracks for the next update.

In case you missed our last Pulse announcement, you can grab the original soundtrack from us ($4.99) or the iTunes store (more than $4.99).

On the other side of life, we’re in the middle of finishing the port of Fractal, then we’re going to go back and take a look at a certain outstanding soundtrack. Look forward to updates on that front soon.

As always, we want feedback! Please help us spread the word of Pulse!