Nerds: Rage, Rejoice and Game

When our good friend, rapper, and Pulse music contributor Justin Giza aka Zilla Persona told us about his nerdcore showcase, NerdRage, we were psyched to help support the non-profit event.

Featuring 9 music groups from California to Kansas, the 2nd annual NerdRage promises to celebrate “all things nerdly,” according to the founder. Studio 34, a yoga-studio-turned-music-venue will host this year’s glory of chiptune, nerdcore, chip hop, and Nintendo-sampled beats.

Cipher Prime’s own Dain Saint is also performing at the event, inspiring us to help support all things geekly and awesome. So we’ve decided to provide incentives through the event’s Kickstarter, a donation program that supplies funders with awesome gifts.

The incentives include:

Pledge $5 or more:

A redemption link for a copy of Cipher Prime’s award-winning game Auditorium (Win/OSX/Linux)!

Pledge $10 or more:

A copy of Auditorium, plus a soundtrack for Cipher Prime’s newest game, Pulse. We’ll even toss in your ticket to Nerdrage!

Pledge $15 or more

All of the above, plus a CD copy of Zilla Persona’s “You Wouldn’t Think.” Oh yeah, and stickers. Everyone loves stickers, right?

Pledge $50 or more

LIMITED REWARD    ( 6 of 10 remaining)

All of the above. Plus, because you’re so awesome, some of the artists are taking you to lunch the day of the show (June 18th). Expect bundles of stickers, showers of free music, and heaps of compliments.




NERDRAGE v2 is June 18th in Philadelphia, PA!

Tickets will be $10. Studio34, 7pm-11pm.



Dr. Awkward (California)

Madhatter (Wichita, KS)

Zilla Persona (PA)

Shammers & Lefthand (Outer Space)

King Pheenix (NC)

Kris Keyser (NJ)

Dain Saint (PA)

Attack Slug (NJ)


Tickets will go on sale May 20th. Check the official Facebook page here.

Seduce your lovers with Pulse: OST

The Pulse: Official Soundtrack is finally released!

Seduce your lovers with 8 sexy tracks of ambient deliciousness, arranged by increasing difficulty and complexity. All our wonderful mp3 tracks, including our bonus level, “Pacemaker” (deemed too difficult to play) can be purchased off our site for 4.99 USD. No DRM!

And here’s our simple request – though you can also purchase our soundtrack off the Apple Store, (7.92 USD) please support us by buying it from our site! Apple iTunes purchases only give us the fraction of the purchase price, while store purchases fund our dwindling supply of pizza.



-supports us, the developers and the musicians!

-comes with additional bonus track, “Pacemaker”

-we think you’re beautiful

We love Apple, but we love you more. That’s why in addition to the soundtrack, an update for Pulse will be available in about two weeks. We have quite a bit of music in front of us to play with, so prepare yourselves; lots of awesome tracks are comin’ atcha soon!


To purchase Pulse: OST visit

Thanks to you – Pulse is the #1 Music Game on the iPad!

We don’t like to brag. We <3 to.

Pulse is the #1 Music Game on the iPad right now, and we are so very, very happy.

But we’ll spare you the confetti, and be earnest; we couldn’t have done this without you.

Without the support of you – the fans – Pulse wouldn’t be half as successful as it is. Every good review, every comment, and every e-mail that comes in reminds us of that, and underscores how lucky we are to have your support.

Speaking of support, we’d like to give major props to some of our local supporters – The GXL, IndieGameMag, Philly Game Jam, the IDGA, Phil over at Guilded Age, and last but not least, Geekadelphia. Philly, you’re the best home a game company could ask for.

Please, keep spreading the word about Pulse. We love you all the more for it.

Pulse is (a)live!

WOOOOOO! After grueling labor, sleepless nights, and hours of cursing under our breath, we gave one final sweaty, heavy push – and we’re proud to introduce our baby to the world! Pulse: Volume One (our third game!) is currently live, and available for purchase in the Apple App Store for 4.99 USD.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention:

Apple iPad Game of the Week! Hell yeah!


We’re thrilled. She’s beautiful. We want you all to see her, and cradle our baby in your very own arms. (It’s okay. We trust you. We know you’re great with kids.) Our switch to Unity was challenging, but we’re psyched at the outcome – it was a truly, truly satisfying experience to create our first iPad game with it. Now we can make new games faster, and for more platforms – so all our fans (especially the iPad-less) can enjoy the switch.

What else are we excited about? The artists we’re going to be showcasing, in-game. We’ll be featuring free updates with brand new songs, straight from some of Philadelphia’s most talented independent artists. Pulse’s updates will be pretty eclectic – ranging from nerdcore and chiptune, to electronica and metal. But, we want more music and a bigger musical range. Where are our submissions for Rock, Pop, and Classical? Get on that!

But most importantly, we need to thank some people – you, our fans.

We love you, we really do. None of our work is possible without your support and enthusiasm. Did we mention we love you? Because we do. And Pulse: Volume One? She loves you too.

Pulse is coming to the iPad on 5/5!

Apple has approved Pulse and we’re launching on 5/5!!!

Finally! Whewwwwww! We’re incredibly excited (maybe even crying)! For us, so many firsts are happening over here right now. Let’s examine the facts about Pulse:

  • our first Unity Game
  • our first self-published iOS game
  • our first Music Rhythm game
  • our first collaborative Music Game
  • our first game with our new Team Member, Kerry Gilbert
  • our first iPad game

With all this happening, we need your help! In the past, our fans have been nothing short of amazing. In fact, there’s no way we would still be making games if it wasn’t for all of you. We know some of you don’t have iPads and can’t play Pulse; that makes us very sad =(. However, this was a very unique concept and needed to be executed on a touch-screen tablet ( hint : we haven’t ruled out Android Tablets ).

Pulse could be a huge turning point for us. After 3 years of game development, we are still struggling every day (seriously, it sucks). We need to get out of this slump, so we can keep making great unique games. So, we need to ask your help with one thing:

Help us spread the word about Pulse!

Don’t do it because you love us. Don’t do it because we love you (a lot). Do it because Pulse is simply a great game by 3 lovable developers.

We’ve been getting an overwhelming response from anyone who has been able to play the game in Philly, but we need to reach out. If you have a blog, Facebook, website, best friend, family, Digg account, reddit account, carrier pigeon, semaphore, whatever… let them know we’re about to takeover the iPad Rhythm Game Market. Help us start the revolution, so we can keep making great games ( for many platforms ).

Promo codes, at the ready! Let’s sink this battleship!