It’s time for a new Game: Enter Pulse

Yay! Finally a new game! Well, we’re not quite there yet. But, it’s about time we at least tell you what we’ve been up to. The name of our new little baby is Pulse. She is a wonderful mix of music and rhythm game for the iPad. Rather than go on and on about her, though, we figured we would just show you her baby pictures and let you listen to her first words.

Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of men?

Since she’s all music oriented, it only seemed right to release a few singles as we gear up to launch. We’ve taken a little bit of a different approach here and released the first single “Porcelain Doll” on both iTunes and the Cipher Prime Store for $0.99. Porcelain Doll takes on an eerie tone, but don’t worry — we’ve got more kinds of music than a baby has moods. Pulse has a lot to say, and we plan on letting her!

We’re really happy with where this title is going and we’ll be releasing more info and audio as the weeks drag on. But, here’s that promised baby picture for you: