Auditorium HD. PS3. November 23rd.

A lot of you have been wondering: whatever happened to that contest we won? Wasn’t Auditorium supposed to be coming to platforms or something?

Well it is. The culmination of many months of work is upon us, with Auditorium HD coming to PS3 on November 23rd! The game looks and plays awesome on the system, and we’ve put a lot of work in with indiePub (the Publisher) and Empty Clip Studios (the Developer) to make the best console experience for Auditorium we could muster. Auditorium HD contains the entire playlist from the online version (now called Auditorium Classic), as well as an entirely new playlist called Auditorium Modern, with 78 new levels and brand-spanking new audio!

The producer from indiePub put his thoughts up on the Official Playstation blog.

This is really special for us. To be honest, we’re not sure the reality of having created a game on the PS3 has even hit us yet. November 23 will be a momentous day for our little Cipher Prime Team and we can’t wait to share it with you. For everyone who donated so long ago, you’ve changed our lives and I hope we never go back to the old sludge of things.

In celebration, we’ll be releasing some more information soon on a super-secret new title we’ve been silently cooking up. If you look, you’ll notice there haven’t been any updates in awhile. We have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on this new title and we’ll be able to share soon! Keep in touch!