Auditorium in the CP Store!

We’re pushing an update that will finally link Auditorium and the Cipher Prime Store! You’ll no longer need to remember two different usernames and passwords!

The update process is very simple and streamlined — all you’ll need to do is log into your Auditorium account and follow the instructions there. If you already have a CP Store account, you’ll be able to link Auditorium; if you don’t, you’ll be able to easily create one. And all of your progress in Auditorium will still be saved.

This change also means that Auditorium will benefit from the Store’s streamlined purchase process. You’ll be able to log into the store, click the Auditorium link, and be automatically logged in — and vice-versa.

Both sites will be down for a few hours while we push this update. You can contact us anytime at if you have any questions about the transition.

It’s Update Time!

So, now that our little baby has been unleashed into the wild we’ve been able to find a few of those silly bugs. We have also had plenty of feedback on the updating system and have changed over to a much better method. Unfortunately, that fix will not be present until you upgrade. In no particular order, here are the currently fixed bugs in v1.0.1:

  • Score Loading Bug – Scores were not always loading properly, resulting in what looked like a loss of data. If you had this bug you will now be able to see scores saved previously.
  • Resolution Positioning in OSX – Occasionally the screen would not center itself after a resolution change had been made.
  • Intermittent Black Screen on Load – Very rare, but in some cases the game would not initialize the display properly.
  • Windows Users Will No Longer Have to Uninstall to Update
  • Arcade Scoring – arcade scores will now save to the newely selected scoreboard once you change modes
  • Update System Changed – hitting “No” when asked to update will tell the application to ignore the update for one week
  • Added Native Resolution Option – this is a double-edged sword… Fractal will look fantastic, but we doubt that the performance rendered by this option will be bearable for anyone. We decided that it should be added as an option anyway, because it’s been one of the most requested features.
  • Random Performance Tweaks ( We are still actively working on performance related issues )

This update of Fractal is available now on the Cipher Prime Store. Please give us a holler if you find any other bugs. Enjoy!