Games: Long or Short?

Like every other day I find myself asking what is the value of a game? My normal thought process says, ‘If I’m earning $10 an hour, and the game costs $20, did I play for more than 2 hours?’ If the answer to that questions is yes, then the game was totally worth it. But lately, I’ve been thinking that is a pretty horrible metric.

For instance, I’ve been playing this little flash game called Wonder Bounce the past couple days. I have beaten the game countless times and can now beat it in just a few minutes without wanting to pull my hair out. I didn’t have to shell out a single penny for this gem, but there she is, being an awesome game with lots of value with only 5 minutes of gameplay. At this point I wouldn’t think twice about donating to Darthlupi for his creation. Does a game have to be 20+ hours of gameplay to be worth your money? For me, I’m not sure that’s really the case anymore.

So the question I have for everyone is:

How do you determine if a game is worth it’s cost in cold hard cash, and what game has recently persuaded you to pull out your wallet?