Changing Seasons

Hey everyone! We’ve received a lot of requests to put the seasonal music from the demo/lite version of Auditorium into the full game. You know what? You’re totally right! So, I’ve been thinking it would be cool to make 4 new acts, one for each season based on the levels you want to see! Please, let me know what sort of new levels you might want and we’ll try our best to come up with something for everyone.

Auditorium Unlocked and Best in Class

Heya! So, San Fran was just fantastic, as well as a real eye-opener. More than anything, the GDC renewed my hope for games. The independent talks that went on were just fabulous. It was also great being able to sit down and talk with some great people such as Brad Borne, Tyler Glaiel, and many others. I can only image the kinds of games that will be created by all the talented people we met.

Any who, let’s talk a bit about Auditorium Unlocked! We’ve been discussing the idea of locking and unlocking levels in games and we’ve decided it’s junk. So, we figured we might as well just put our foot in our mouth and unlock Auditorium. Hopefully, this won’t upset anyone too much. For a trial period, you will be able to go to any level in Auditorium at any time. We want to hear feedback, so please voice your opinions and concerns! On top of that, we also added a link to the Act Complete Stage once you complete an act. Keep in mind, now that you can freely roam, you still need to complete all the levels of an Act to unlock the Act Complete Stage. So, clear your cache, hit refresh, and let us know what you think about the new changes!

Best In Class - Interactive Media Award

Finally, I wanted to announce that the Auditorium site has won an Interactive Media Award for Best in Class in the area of ‘Games Playing.’ This is a tremendous honor. This ranks our site up there with the likes of the beautiful BioShock Site. To be honest, we couldn’t be anymore proud!

Stay tuned guys, we have a lot of exciting things happening soon! If you’re in the Philadelphia area, I will be down at theGXL gaming event this weekend throwing a tournament and playing some games! Come see me and say hello!