Donations $5 or above

We have been trying our very best to make this a surprise, but due to the obvious concern people have shown we wanted to tackle the subject of donations.

First off, Dain and I cannot thank you enough for your contributions. Believe it or not, the donations have helped us quite a bit in times when we hardly had money to eat. Consider your money as an investment in a company who really cares about the games they put out. Now it’s time for us to give you that return on investment.

For everyone who donated $5 or above, you will be able to redeem your donation for a full copy of the game. ( [edit] At this time we have closed donations. ) On top of that, we will also be sending out a full audio track for the song Autumn. It seems many donators did not click the ‘back to site’ button which would have given them the track at that time. If you donated you will be receiving an email late next week before our release with instructions on how to receive your copy. It should be a pretty simple streamlined process.

Seriously though, we love you guys. Thanks so much.

A fresh new face.

I’m pleased to announce that we have rebooted Auditorium with a completely new system! Not only does this update come with smoother gameplay, faster load times, and a sleek updated look, it also lays the foundation for the full online release. Go check out the new site, and stay tuned as we get close to announcing our release date. As always, we really appreciate your feedback, so write us and let us know what you think of the new layout, as well how the game plays — faster, slower, etc.

P.S. The preview has been changed to include a new modifier, for anyone that cares to play around with it 😉